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Medico-Legal Update

General Information and Editorial Board

Editorial Team

Dr. R. K. Sharma Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Assistant Editors Associate Editors
Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Loni Prof. Anil Agarwal, New Delhi
Dr. T. Millo, New Delhi Dr. D.N. Bhardwaj, New Delhi
  Dr. S.K. Gupta, New Delhi
  Dr. S.K. Dhattarwal, Rohtak

International Editorial Advisory Board National Editorial Advisory Board
Prof. Tatsuo Nagai, Japan Prof. L. Fimate, lmphal
Prof. H. Borrman, Sweden Prof. N.K. Agarwal, Delhi
Prof. P. Mangin, Switzerland Prof. P.C. Sarmah, Sikkim
Prof. S. Kashimura, Japan Prof. P.K. Chattopadhyay, New Delhi
Wu Zhanpin, China Prof. R.S. Prasad, Amirtsar
Prof. L. Frontela, Spain Prof. T.D. Dogra, New Delhi
Prof. J. Tiihonen, Finland Dr. Dalbir Singh, Chandigarh
Prof. W. Eisenmenger, Germany Prof. V.K. Mishra, Dehradun
Dr. R. E. Mittleman, USA Prof. Walter Vaz, Mumbai
Prof. C. T. Cheng, Singapore Dr. Harish Pathak, Mumbai
Dr. J. Smialek, USA Prof. J. Gargi, Patiala
Dr. D. Ubelaker, USA Prof. P.C. Dikshit, New Delhi
Prof. A. Busuttil, UK Prof. S.K. Khanna, New Delhi
Dr. Z. Kozma, Hungary Prof. Anil Mittal, New Delhi
Dr. Z. Geradts, Netherlands Prof. A. Murari, New Delhi
Dr. Jo Duflou, Australia Prof. Balbir Kaur, Kashmir
Dr. Bryan Chrz, Australia Prof. R.K. Garg, Patiala
Prof. M. Huq, Bangladesh Prof. Nageshkumar G. Rao, Chennai
Dr. B. L. Bhootra, South Africa Prof K.H. Manjunath, Bangalore
Prof. Amnon Carml, Haifa, Israel Prof. B.M. Gupta, Jaipur
Dr. B.N. Yadav, Nepal Prof. R.K. Gorea, Patiala
Dr. R.K. Raunlyar, Nepal Prof. T.K.K. Naidu, Andhra Pradesh
Prof. K. Kapila, Kuwait Prof. S. Das, Dehrdun
Journal Title Pricing of Journals
Indian Foreign
Medico-Legal Update Print Only Print+Online Online Only Print Only Print+Online Online Only
INR 6000 INR 8000 INR 4500 USD 400 USD 500 USD 300


  1. Advance payment required by Demand Draft in the name of "Medico-Legal Update" payable at New Delhi and send it to:
    Medico-Legal Update
    407, Hawa Singh Block, Asiad Village
    New Delhi - 110 049 (India)
  2. Cancellation not allowed except for duplicate payment.
  3. Claim must be made within six months from issue date.
  4. A free copy can be forwarded on request.
  5. You can also subscribe through:
    412-C Suneja Tower – I
    District Centre, Janakpuri
    New Delhi- 110058 (India)
  6. Subscription can also be done through

Call for Papers/ Article Submission

Medico-Legal Update invites articles, case reports, newspaper clippings, report to medico legal activities to update the knowlege of readers in scientific disciplines such as Forensic Medicine, Forensic Sciences, Environmental Hazards, Toxicology, etc.

The following guidelines should be noted:

  1. The article must be send by E-mail in word only as attachment. Hard copy need not be send.
  2. The article should be accompanied by a declaration from all authors that it is an original work and has not been sent to any other journal for publication.
  3. References should be in Vancouver style.
  4. As a policy matter, journal encourages articles regarding new concepts and new information.

Medico-Legal Update

407, Hawa Singh Block, Asiad Village
New Delhi - 110 049 (India)
Phone: 91-11-26493988 , Mob:9891098542
Email: medicolegalupdate(at)

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