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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 55, No. 1 (2006-01 - 2006-07)


  1. Editorial
  2. Comparative Anatomical, Morphometric and Histological Studies of the Tricuspid Valve-Complex in Human and Some Mammalian Hearts
    Mohamed A.B. Motabagani
  3. 46,XX/46, XY Chimerism – A Case Report
    Aruna N; Purushottam Rao M; Sayee Rajangam
  4. Comparative Histology of Coronary Arteries In Mammals
    Huma Khan, Aijaz Ahmed Khan and Nafis Ahmad Faruqi
  5. Morphometric Study of Seminal Vesicles of Rat in Normal Health and Stress Conditions
    Mukerjee B and Rajan T
  6. Estimation Of Crown – Rump Length From External Surface Area Of Frontal And Parietal Foetal Skull Bones
    Kulkarni P.Y. and Zambare B.R.
  7. Anterior Interventricular Artery Replacing Left Coronary Artery With Absence Of Arterial Anastomosis In Human Heart
    Keshaw Kumar
  8. An Insight into the Structure of the Thymus in Human Foetus – a Histological Approach
    R.K. Ajita, Th. Naranbabu Singh, Y. Ibochouba Singh, L. Chandramani Singh
  9. Dermatoglyphics In Congenital Talipus Equinovarus
    Pratima R. Kulkarni, K.K. Gaikwad, Vaishali V. Inamdar, D. B. Devarshi, S. L. Tungikar, Shailesh Kulkarni
  10. Anatomy of Tarsal Tunnel And Its Applied Significeanc
    Joshi S S; Joshi S D, Athavale S A
  11. Dermatoglyphics In Carcinoma Cervix
    Vaishali V. Inamdar, S.A. Vaidya, Pratima Kulkarni, D.B. Devarshi, Shailesh Kulkarni, Sudhir L.Tungikar
  12. Effects of Phenol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Oxymetazoline, Tobacco and Formalin on Nasal Mucosa of Albino Rat
    M. Azim Khan
  13. Determination of Gestational Age of Human Foetuses From Diaphyseal Lengths Of Long Bones - A Radiological Study
    Zeba Khan, Nafis Ahmad Faruqi
  14. Abstracts - 1 - 50
  15. Abstracts 51 - 100
  16. Abstracts 101 - 150
  17. Abstracts 151 - 195
  18. Abstracts 196 - 230
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