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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 54, No. 2 (2005-07 - 2005-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Morphometric Study of Stapes and its Clinical Implications
    Wadhwa, S., Kaul, J.M. and Agarwal, A.K.
  3. Placental changes induced by Trichloroacetic acid in rat
    Royana Singh
  4. Azelastine And Xylometazoline-induced Microscopic Changes In The Nasal Mucosa And Olfactory Bulb
    M. Azim Khan, Aijaz A. Khan and Nafis A. Faruqi
  5. Study of Fetal Stomach Under Light Microscope
    Chimmalgi M and Sant S M
  6. Histochemical Analysis of Placental Alkaline Phosphatase in Hypertensive Disorders complicating Pregnancy
    Mangal A, Shrivastava P, Gaur U, Jain A, Goyal U, Rath G
  7. A Study of Placenta In Normal and Hypertensive Pregnancies
    Majumdar S, Dasgupta H, Bhattacharya K, Bhattacharya A
  8. Eventration of Diaphragm – Embryological basis
    Soni Anshu, Singh Poonam, Singh RJ, Sood Veena
  9. A Clinical, Anatomical, Histological and Genetic Study of Exstrophy-Epispadias Complex
    Palit S, Guha R, Das M and Chunder R
  10. Cost Effective, Qualitative Immersion Oil for Microscopy
    Victor R, Jayalakshamma, Rajangam Ssayee
  11. Correlation between the cross sectional area of skull base with existing formulae to determine skull volume
    Manjunath K.Y.
  12. A Study of the Correlation Between Hand Length And Foot Length In Humans
    Anitha Oommen, Avinash Mainker and Tom Oommen
  13. A study of inter-pedicular distances of the lumbar vertebrae measured in plain antero-posterior radiograph in Gujaratis
    Nirvan AB, Pensi CA, Patel JP, Shah GV, Dave RV
  14. Duplication of optic canal in adult Japanese human skulls
    Mandavi Singh
  15. Palmar Dermatoglyphics In Pulmonary Tuberculosis
    Sangita S Babu, B.P. Powar, O.N. Khare
  16. Microstructure of spermatic tract system in a fertile unilateral cryptorchid male – a case report
    M Tariq Zaidi, Aijaz A Khan, Nafis A Faruqi
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