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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 53, No. 2 (2004-07 - 2004-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Histogenesis of Neurons in Human Sympathetic Ganglia - A Quantitative Study
    Kiran S.
  3. Photometric Facial Analysis - A Baseline Study
    Jain SK, Anand C & Ghosh SK.
  4. Carbimazole Induced Thyroid Histopathy in Albino Rats during Development
    Zaidi T.M., Khan A.A, Hasan B.M. and Faruqi A.N.
  5. A Study of Sacral Hiatus in Dry Human Sacra
    Nagar S.K.
  6. Triradii of the Palm in Idiopathic Epilepsy
    Ranganath P, Rajangam S and *Kulkarni R.N.
  7. Effect of Prenatal Vitamin A in Low Doses on the Liver and Kidney of Rat Fetuses- A Histological Study
    Mehrotra N. & *Shah G. L.
  8. Morphometric Study of Rat Prostate in Normal and Under Stressed Condition
    Mukerjee B, Rajan T
  9. Orientation of Superior Articular Facets from C3 to S1 Vertebrae
    Patel M M, Gohil D V, Singel T C
  10. Mastoid Canals and Grooves in Adult Japanese Human Skulls
    Singh M., Mishra A and *Nagashima M.
  11. Cardiac Anatomy - Viewed through the Eyes of Clinicians
    Mahendrakar M.
  12. Anatomical Variations in the Labral Attachment of the Long Head of Biceps Brachii
    Paul S., Sehgal R and *Khatri K
  13. Horseshoe Kidney With Multiple Renal Arteries And Extrarenal Calyces-A Case Report
    Vaniya V.H.
  14. A newborn proband with der (15) and maternal karyotype 46,XX, der (15) t(9; 15) with a bad obstetric history
    Panicker H., Tarnekar A.M., Anbalagan J., Ghosh S.K., Fulzele R.R,. and Pal A.K.
  15. Reliability of Criteria used for Sexing of Hip Bones
    Pal G.P, Bose S and Choudhary S.
  16. A Golgi Study of Nucleus Proprius In Rat Lumbar Dorsal Spinal Horn
    Bhardwaj R., Nagar M. and Prakash R.
  17. Book Review: Textbook of Histology
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