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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 52, No. 2 (2003-07 - 2003-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Mandibular Canines In Sex Determination
    Kaushal, S., Patnaik, V.V.G., Agnihotri, G.
  3. Congenital Fusion Of Cervical Vertebrae and Its Clinical Significance
    *Erdil, H; **Yildiz, N; *Cimen, M.
  4. Transmission of the weight through the neural arch of lumbarvertebrae in man
    Aruna. N, *Rajeshwari, T; Rajangam, S.
  5. Identification Of Sex Of Sacrum Of Agra Region
    Mishra, S.R.; Singh, P.J.; Agrawal, A.K., Gupta, R.N.
  6. A Study On Principal Branches of Coronary Arteries In Humans
    Kalpana, R.
  7. Anatomical Variations Of Vermiform Appendix In South-East Caspian Sea (Gorgan-IRAN)
    *Golalipour, M. J.; **Arya, B.; ***Azarhoosh, R; *Jahanshahi, M.
  8. Histomorphometric Analysis Of Coronary Arteries: Sexual Dimorphism
    Dhall, U; Chaudhary, S. and *Sirohiwal, B.L.
  9. Anatomy of Human Coronary Arterial Lipid Accumulation
    Kumar, Keshaw
  10. Avascular Zone in the Human Spleen - A Sex Difference
    *Chakravarty, S.; Shamal, S.; Pandey, S.K.
  11. Suspensory Muscle of Duodenum: In Human Foetuses of Manipuri Origin
    Singh, N.S; Singh, M.S; Devi, N.D; Singh, Y.I.
  12. Electron And Light Microscopic Study Of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Of Rabbit
    Bayat, M; Mohammadzade, F; Rakhshan, M.
  13. Neurohistological Observations on the Tongue of the Monkey (macaca radiata)
    Saraswathi, P.
  14. Ductus Deferens-a Comparative Histology in Mammals
    Khan, Aijaz, A., Zaidi, M.T; Faruqi, N.A.
  15. Comparison of Toluidine Blue Vs Thionin For Mast Cells In Rat Mesentery Using Carnoy's Fixative
    Joseph, S; Das, S; Chand, R; Roopa, R. and Thomas, I. M.
  16. Variation of the Lateral Cord of Brachial Plexus Piercing Coracobrachialis Muscle
    Abhaya, A; Khanna J. and Prakash R.
  17. Atypical Innervation Of Palmaris Longus - A Case Report
    Chauhan, R.
  18. Large Accessory Hepatic Veins - A Case Report
    Taranikanti, V; Dhar, P.
  19. Ulnar Artery: A Case Report of Unusual Origin and Course
    Panicker, J.B., Thilakan, A. and Chandi, G.
  20. Anomalous Origin Of Suprascapular Artery - A Case Report
    *Mishra, S; **Ajmani, M.L.
  21. Intercarpal Fusion - A Review
    Singh, P., Tuli, A., Choudhry, R., Mangal, A.
  22. Physiognomy: A Critical Review
    Oommen, A; * Oommen, T.
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