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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 52, No. 1 (2003-01 - 2003-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Histogenesis And Morphometric Study Of Human Foetal Submandibular Salivary Gland
    Sivakumar, M; Sud. M; Vathsala, V.
  3. Morphology and Distribution of Human Colonic Dendritic Cells: A Light Microscopic Zinc Iodide-Osmium Study
    Indrasingh, I., Koshy, S. and Vettivel, S.
  4. Ramification Pattern Of Portal Vein In Right Lobe of Liver - A Corrosion Cast Study
    Arora. J; Kapur. V; Kakkar. A; Dixit. P. C.
  5. Modification Of Protractor To Measure The Sagittal Angle Of Superior Articular Facets Of Vertebrae
    Patel, M.M. & Singel T.C.
  6. Homo Erectus - Was Our Stone Age Mechanical Engineer An Indigenous Species of Asia? Yes! He was A Product of "Evolution in Isolation"
    Raghavan, P., Groves, C; *Pathmanathan, G.
  7. The Human Sternum - as An Index of Age & Sex
    Gautam, R. S., Shah, G. V., Jadav, H.R., Gohil, B.J.
  8. Anatomy of Human Coronary Arterial Pulsation
    Kumar, Keshaw
  9. The Shapes Of Head And Face In Normal Male Newborns In South-East Of Caspian Sea (Iran-Gorgan)
    *Golalipour, M.J. * Haidari, K. * Jahanshahi, M. **Farahani, R.M.
  10. Comparative Anatomical Study of the Cerebellum of Man and Fowl
    Pal, B; Chowdhury, S. *Ghosh, R. K.
  11. Experimental Transplantation of Human Embryonic Cortical Tissue After Vascular Lesion in the Motor Cortex of Bonnet Monkey (Macaca radiata)
    Kayalvizhi, I.
  12. Dendritic Cells in the Airways of Laboratory Guinea Pig and Rabbit: A Light Microscopic Zinc lodide-Osmium Study
    Koshy, S., Indrasingh, I. and Vettivel, S.
  13. Nuclear origin of the efferent fibres of the hypoglossal nerve in the monkey (Macaca radiata)
    Saraswathi, P.
  14. Skeletal Anomalies In Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: A Study On Developing Mice Embryos
    Mishra, S.R., Sahai, A., Srivastava, A.K., Agrawal, A.K., Singh, P.J., Mishra, R.K.
  15. Effect of Immobilization Stress on Spermatogenesis of Albino Rats
    Rai, Jyoti; *Pandey, S. N., *Srivastava, R.K.
  16. Effect of Alpha Tocopherol on the Growth Plate in Albino rats
    Abhaya, A., Khatri, K., Pradhan, S. and Prakash, R.
  17. Unusual Venous Drainage Pattern of Face: A Case Report
    Mehra,S. Kaul J.M. and Das S.
  18. Inter-Communications Between Median And Musculocutaneous Nerves With Dual Innervation of Brachialis Muscle-A Case Report
    Arora, J; Kapur, V; Suri, R.K., Khan, R.Q.
  19. Bilateral Foramen Clinoideo-Caroticum & Interclinoid Bars-A Report of 2 Cases
    Patnaik, V.V.G; *Singla, Rajan, K.; *Bala Sanju.
  20. Atlanto - Occipital Fusion - Report Of Two Cases
    Jayanthi V., Kulkarni, R.; Kulkarni, R.N.
  21. Anatomy of "A Beautiful Face & Smile"
    Patnaik, V.V.G; * Singla Rajan, K; **Bala Sanju.
  22. Proceedings of the Anatomical Society of India, December, 2002
  23. Golden Jubilee Abstracts, 2003
  24. Book Review
    Editorial Board
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