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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 51, No. 2 (2002-07 - 2002-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Sex Chromatin and Primary Amenorrhoea - A Correlation Study
    Chhabra, V., Siddiqui, M.S., * SIngh, U., ** Srivastava, A.N., Sahai, A., Sharma, P.K.
  3. Histogenesis Of Neurons In Human Sympathetic Ganglia - A Light Microscopic Study
    Kiran, S.
  4. Light and Electron Microscopic Appearance of Langerhans Cell (LC) in Human Tonsil Surface Epithelium: A Zinc Iodide Osmium (ZIO) Study
    Indrasingh, I., Chandi, G., & Vettivel, S.
  5. Applied Significance Of Variations Of The First Extensor Compartment Of Wrist
    Joshi, S.S. & Joshi, S.D.
  6. Sexing The Human Sternum In Marathwada Region
    Dahiphale V.P., Baheete B.H., Kamkhedkar S.G.
  7. Estimation of Cranial Volume in Dissecting Room Cadavers
    K.Y. Manjunath
  8. Study Of Cubital Tunnel
    Joshi, S.D. & Joshi, S.S.
  9. Branching Pattern of Brachial Artery-A Morphological Study
    Patnaik, V.V.G; *Kalsey, G., *Singla Rajan, K.
  10. Palmar Arterial Arches - A Morphological Study
    Patnaik, V.V.G; *Kalsey, G., *Singla Rajan, K.
  11. The Branching Pattern of Internal Thoracic Artery On The Anterior Chest Wall
    Gupta, M., Sodhi, L., Sahni, D.
  12. Length And Curves Of The Clavicle In Northwest Indians
    Kaur, H., Harjeet, Sahni, D., Jit, I.
  13. Gastric and Cystohepatic teratogenicity - related to altered blood flow during development phase-Extrapolation using observations from adult Specimens
    Kumar Keshaw
  14. Effect of Cadmium On The Morphology Of Adrenal Gland In Mice
    Al-Motabagani, M.A.H.
  15. Teratogenic Effect Of Maternal Hypoglycaemia: A Study On Newborn Albino Rats
    Singh, T.N; Singh, M.S; Singh, L.C.
  16. Comparative Study Of Ano-Rectal Region In Mammals
    Agarwal, K.K.; *Agarwal, A.K.; *Singh, P.J., **Sharma, S.N.
  17. Regional Differences Of Growth Plate At The Distal End Of Radius In Albino Rat
    Abhaya A., Khatri K., Pradhan S. and Prakash R.
  18. Effect Of Dietary Consistency On The Growth Of The Condylar Cartilage Of The Mandible In Rats
    Vaid, L.K., Pradhan, P,. *Chakrabarti, S.
  19. Palmaris Longus - Upside Down !!!!!
    Oommen, A; Rajarajeshwari
  20. Anomalous Origin of Left Vertebral Artery - Embryological Basis and Applied Aspects - A Case Report
    Panicker, H.K., Tarnekar A., Dhawane V., Ghosh S.K.*
  21. Ectopic Kidney and associated anomalies: A Case Report
    Belsare S.M; Chimmalgi M., Vaidya S.A. & Sant S.M.
  22. Neural Crest Cell Migration-Cell Tracing Techniques-A Review
    Jain, S.K.; Anand, C; Sood, K.S.
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