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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 51, No. 1 (2002-01 - 2002-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. An Ultrasonographic Study Of The Anatomy And Pathology Of Tendons And Review of Literature
    *Kabiraj, S.P., **Pradhan, P., **Deb, S.
  3. Correlation of Anticardiolipin Antibody IgM With First Trimester Recurrent Abortions
    Kalra, S., *Tuli, A., **Goyal, U., *Choudhary, R., *Raheja, S.
  4. Morphometric And Histological Study Of Human Cataract Lens
    Dorairaj, S.J; Vatsala, V; Vijaya Kumar, J; Kesavai R; Sucheethra, D.S; Vidyasree, S.
  5. An Anatomical Study Of The Phrenoesophageal Ligament
    Al-Motabagani, M.A.H.
  6. The Histogenesis Of Islets In the Human Fetal Pancreas
    Gupta, V., Garg, K., Raheja, S., Choudhry, R. and Tuli, A.
  7. The Arterial Architecture Of The Human Femoral Diaphysis
    Al-Motabagani, M.A.H.
  8. Microscopic Anatomy of Inferior Medullary Velum Of Cerebellum
    Arora, N.K.
  9. Effect of Tangential Pressure of Pulsation on Tunica Media of Human Arteries
    Kumar, Keshaw
  10. Anatomical Parameters Of North Indian Hip Joints - Cadaveric Study
    Chauhan, R., *Paul, S., *Dhaon, B.K.
  11. Biometry of the posterior border of the human hip bone: normal values and their use in sex determination
    Isaac, B
  12. Adult Rat Brain Changes Induced By Magnetised Water
    Singh, M; & Singh, K.P.
  13. Intra-Epithelial Capillaries In The Neuro-Epithelium Of Vomeronasal Organ In Adult Guinea Pig
    >Sangari, S.K., Sen Gupta, P., Pradhan, S. & Khatri, K.
  14. A Golgi Study of Medial Geniculate Body In Rat
    Dada, R.; *Khanna, J.; *Prakash R.
  15. Effects of Copper Chloride Toxicity On Corpus Striatum Of Rat Brain - A Histological Study
    Tariq Zaidi, M; Faruqi, N.A; Abidi, S.H.M.
  16. Horseshoe Kidney with Extrarenal Calyces - A Case Report
    Mohanty, C; Ray, B; Samaratunga, U; Singh, G.
  17. Fraser Syndrome With Unusual Features-A Case Report
    *Mahadevan, B; *Bhat, B.V; *Sastri, A.T; **Rao, S; **Kusre, G.
  18. A Very Rare Absence of Radial Artery : A Case Report
    Suganthy, J., Koshy, S., Indrasingh I., and Vettivel, S.
  19. A Rare Presentation of Double Inferior Vena Cava with Anomalous Pattern Of Azygos And Hemiazygos Venous Systems : A Case Report
    Palit, S., Deb, S.
  20. Congenital Abnormal Cervical Vertebrae - A Case Report
    Tiwari, A., Chandra, N., Naresh, M., Pandey, A., *Tiwari, K.
  21. Splenunculi- Report of Three Cases
    Harsh Mohan; Amanjit; Bhardwaj, S., Handa, U.
  22. Communication Between The Median And Musculocutaneous Nerve- A Case Report
    Chauhan, R. and Roy, T.S.
  23. Surgical Incisions - Their Anatomical Basis Part V - Approaches to spinal column
    *Patnaik, V.V.G. ** Singla Rajan K; ***Gupta, P.N.; ****Bala, Sanju
  24. Estimation Of Cranial Volume - an Overview Of Methodologies
    >Manjunath, K.Y.
  25. Book Review
  27. Abstracts of papers Presented in the 49th Annual Conference of the Anatomical Society of India, 2001, Held at Kasturba Medical College Manipal (KARNATAKA)
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