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Journal of the Anatomical Society of India

Vol. 50, No. 1 (2001-01 - 2001-06)


The graceful and gorgeous entry into the Golden Jubilee year of the Society and the Journal is not only eventful but also pleasurable.We ought to feel proud of being valued and desirable part of it.

First, on a nostalgic note, let us share the past events chronologically. So here is a fast replay of events , for the benefit of the present day members, the genesis and history of A.S.I. & J.A.S.I.

In those days of pre-independent India, foreigners (mostly Britishers) used to dominate the faculty. A few posts in the pre-clinical departments were thrown open to Indians, in the pre-World War I era. Anatomy was one of the subjects brought under the care of an Indian Professor in one of the four Govt. Medical Colleges of India as early as in 1912. It took almost four decades for the number of Indian Anatomists on the faculty to grow from one to one dozen. Lack of uniformity in standards of teaching of Anatomy in different instituites was the fore point of impetus in realising the need to form a common platform to discuss and decide the academic aspects there on. This led to the birth of A.S.I.

A freak motor accident on 23rd June 1950, in which Dr. S.K. Basu of Calcutta suffered multiple fractures and hence got bedridden, gave time for him to bring his dreams to reality. It was on 21st November 1950, the idea to create A.S.I. was conveyed in the form of a letter in which the utility of starting a Journal was also mooted.

Professor T.V. Mathews of Vizagapatna responded positively while others followed and by the end of February 1951, it was widely agreed upon to form an organisation and its mouth piece. The D-day was 20th May 1951, and it was at 9.30 A.M. ‘‘The Anatomical Society of India’’ came into existence in the General Lecture Theatre of Medical College Culcutta when Dr. A.A. Ayer of Madras was elected the first President and Dr. B.N. Basu & Dr. S.R. Nair as Vice Presidents.

It is a real eye-opener to look into the objectives of the society as defined and decided upon at that moment as it throws light on the vision of the visionaries :

  1. Advancement of the study & researches in Anatomy.
  2. Holding of conferences for presenting papers & communication from members & having discussion on them.
  3. Publication of a Journal under the auspices of society.
  4. Preparation of text books on the basis of Anatomical data from Indian subjects.
  5. Promoting a spirit of brotherhood & co-operation amongst the members of the society.
  6. Ensuring & safeguarding the economic status of workers & teachers such that they can maintain & improve the standards of their work.

Now the metamorphosis :

Anatomical Society of India is stepping into the second half of the century and so is the Journal.

Every change depends on the vision and attitude of the contributors, may it be as authors, readers, critiques or members of the editorial board.Endeavour is always to brighten the content and appearance of the Journal. It’s never a one man show. The positive role played by the members can alone make it more colorful. Popularity of the Journal depends heavily on the content and its presentation.The efforts slowly are bringing results, the credit goes to all the members. Now the journal is indexed in the database of Indian Biomedical Journals IndMED (available on internet at http:// The Indian Medlars Centre is part of National Informatics Centre (Ministry of Information technology, Govt. of India). The journal contents are being abstracted for publication in Biosis as excerpts. In line with the efforts of bringing electronic medium more into teaching and learning of Anatomy, an electronic class room is created for the benefit of students of Anatomy (to start with at first prof. level).

For online education in Anatomy, please enroll yourself as teacher and ask first professional students to join the e-groups “[email protected]”. It is planned to start an electronic class room for Anatomy post-graduate students too.

On line education has lots of advantages as teaching and learning can take place at will at any place and time as per convenience of either end.All this is intended to provide totally free all the requisite material , with scope to improve and bring in betterment.Latest available web sites of interest for students and teachers of Anatomy are provided through this medium.

(Dr. Patnaik V.V. Gopichand)Editor

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J. Anat. Soc. India 50(1) 1-2 (2001)

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