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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 31, No. 4 (2006-10 - 2006-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. News and Events
  3. Whose Teaching Hospital, is it Any Way!
    D. Nandan
  4. C. M. E. - Health Sector Reforms: Relevance in India
    D. Agarwal
  5. Establishment of Adolescent Guidance Centre At NIPCCD – Some Experiences
    D. Paul
  6. Evaluation of Antichlamydia Pneumonia Antibody in Patients With Coronary Artery Disease
    M. Karimi, H. Nough, M.H. Lotfi , A.J. Zadeh, J. Ahmadi, M.S. Fathollah, M. R. Behforooz
  7. Demography, Environmental Status and Maternal Health Care in Slums of Vellore Town, Southern India
    P.K. Mony, L. Verghese, S. Bhattacharji, A. George, P. Thoppuram, M. Mathai
  8. Community Based Integrated Malaria Control with Reference to Involvement of Social Forestry Activities: An Experience
    V.S. Malaviya, R. Kant, C.S. Pant, H.C. Srivastava and R.S. Yadav
  9. Profiles of Attendees in the Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre of North Bengal Medical College in Darjeeling District of West Bengal
    G. K. Joardar, A. Sarkar, C. Chatterjee, R. N. Bhattacharya, S. Sarkar, P. Banerjee
  10. A Study of Treatment Compliance in Directly Observed Therapy for Tuberculosis
    N. Pandit, S.K. Choudhary
  11. A Cross Sectional Study of Rheumatic Muskuloskeletal Disorders (RMSD) in an Urban Slum Population
    A.S. Pingle, D. D. Pandit
  12. Nutritional Status and Blood Pressure of Medical Students in Delhi
    P. Chhabra, V. L. Grover, K. Aggarwal, A.T. Kannan
  13. Substance Use Among Intercollege Students in District Dehradun
    R. Juyal, R. Bansal, S. Kishore, K.S. Negi, R. Chandra, J. Semwal
  14. Epidemiological Correlates of Nutritional Anemia in Adolescent Girls of Rural Wardha
    S. Kaur, P.R. Deshmukh, B.S. Garg
  15. Evaluation of Management of TB Patients by General Practitioners of Jamnagar City
    S. Yadav, A. Patel, S. V. Unadkat, V. V. Bhanushali
  16. Status of Operationalization of Community Need Assessment Approach in Selected Subcentres of North India
    J. S. Thakur, S. S. Kar
  17. Control of Viral Hepatitis in Cantonments: An Experience
    V. K. Agrawal
  18. Domestic Violence along with its Sociocultural Determinants Among Pregnant Women Attending MCH Clinic of a Subdivisional Hospital in West Bengal
    S. Mitra
  19. Oral Submucous Fibrosis A Distressing Disease with Malignant Potential
    N. Afroz, S.A. Hasan, S. Naseem
  20. Determinants of Delayed First Birth
    G.A. Kumar, M. Danabalan
  21. Reproductive Tract Infections/ Sexually Transmitted Infections in Rural Haryana: Experiences from the Family Health Awareness Campaign
    A. Acharya, K. Yadav, N. Baridalyne
  22. When Child Becomes a Teacher - The Child to Child Programme
    G. Mishra
  23. Management of Tuberculosis by the General Practitioners of Vadodara City
    R.K. Baxi, A.R. Shah
  24. Prevalence of Drug Abuse Among Male Youth in Tirupati, A.P.
    C. Kumar, G. R. Prabhu
  25. Parental Perception About Time Segments Spent in Pedratric Out Patient Department
    H. Singh, D. Singh, V. Arora, R.K. Soni1, P.A. Pooni, B.K. Jain
  26. Health Care Seeking Behaviour with Special Reference to Reproductive Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Rural Women of West Bengal
    A. Saha, A. Sarkar, N.C. Mandal, J.C. Sardar
  27. Public-Private Partnership for Health Care: Competition or Collaboration?
    Rajesh Kumar
  28. Public-Private Partnership for Health Care: Competition or Collaboration?
    Rajesh Kumar
  29. Prevalence of Oral Precancerous Lesions in Tobacco of Naigaon, Mumbai
    KS Talole, SS Bansode, MB Patki
  30. Prevalence of Anaemia in Adolescent Girls Belonging to Different Economic Group
    R. Gawarika, S. Gawarika, A.K. Mishra
  31. Teaching Epidemiology in Community Setting for Medical Under Graduates-our Experience from Eastern Nepal
    K.C. Premarajan, S. Nagesh, N. Jha, S. Kumar, B.K. Yadav
  32. A Study of Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) in Children (0 to 6 Year) in a Rural Population of Jhansi District (U.P.)
    S. Chakraborty, S.B. Gupta, B. Chaturvedi, S.K. Chakraborty
  33. Internet use Among Medical Students and Residents of A Medical College of North India
    P. Lal, R. Malhotra, C. Ahuja, G. K. Ingle
  34. Taboos and Myths Associated with Womens Health among Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls in Punjab
    S. Puri, S. Kapoor
  35. Book Review
    JP Gupta, AK Sood
  36. Streamlining Working of a Hospital Immunization Clinic - A PiIot Study
    S. Goel, S. R. Lenka, Shailainder, A. Singh
  37. Evaluation of Immunization Coverage in Urban Slums of Jamnagar City
    S. Yadav, S. Mangal, N. Padhiyar, J.P. Mehta, B.S. Yadav
  38. A Cross Sectional Study of Awareness on HIV/AIDS and STDs among Young Adult Population (15-24 Years) of Villages of Anand District
    U.S. Singh
  39. Nutritional Status and Menarche in Adolescent Girls in an Urban Resettlement Colony of South Delhi
    A. Acharya,V. P. Reddaiah, N. Baridalyne
  40. Value of Spiritual Dimension in Health Care System of Chandigarh, Union Territory
    N. K. Goel, M.K. Sharma, M. Kalia, G. Kaur, R. Kumar, Kanwalpreet, H.M. Swami
  41. Effective Use of Handouts in the Teaching of Public Health Administration
    M.B. Soudarssanane
  42. Assessment of Pulse Polio Activity in East Delhi: A Parent Based Enquiry
    P. Nair, S.K. Bhasin, A.T. Kannan
  43. Risk Factors for Sick Children in a Fisherman Community in Pondicherry
    M. B. Sudharsanam
  44. Socio-demographic Profile of Married Women Using Contraceptive Methods in a Rural Area of Delhi
    S.V. Singh, G.K. Ingle, V.K. Gupta, J. Kishore Y. Tripathi
  45. Book Review
    Dr. A J Singh
  46. The IAPSM Youth Committee
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