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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 31, No. 3 (2006-07 - 2006-09)


  1. Editorial
  2. The Journals have a Bigger Role to Play in the Health Care Delivery
    Chandra Kant Lahariya
  3. Medical Education: Our Current Concern
    PM Durgawale, PP Durgawale
  4. Health after Disaster
    MK Lala, KR Lala
  5. Road Traffic Injury Prevention: A Public Health Challenge
  6. Challenges and Options for the Delivery of Primary Health Care in Disadvantaged Urban Areas
    G. Pardeshi, V. Kakrani
  7. Study of Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
    M K Jain, P K Baghel, R Agrawal
  8. Qualitative Assessment of Health Seeking Behaviour and Perceptions Regarding Quality of Health Care Services among Rural Community of District Agra
    M Jain , D Nandan, S K Misra
  9. Socio-demographic Determinants of Treatment-Seeking Behavior among Chest Symptomatics
    A Grover, R Kumar, S K Jindal,
  10. Bed Utilization Rates at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Goa
    FS Vaz, AMA Ferreira, DD Motghare, MS Kulkarni
  11. Occupation Related Accidents in Selected Garment Industries in Bangalore City
    S Calvin, B Joseph
  12. Sexual Behaviour Among Long Distance Truck Drivers
    S Chaturvedi, Z Singh, A Banerjee, A Khera, R K Joshi, D Dhrubajyoti
  13. Oral Cancer and Some Epidemiological Factors: A Hospital Based Study
    S P Khandekar, P S Bagdey, R R Tiwari
  14. Outbreak of Pneumococcal Pneumonia in Miltary Barracks
    PMP Singh, AK Jaiswal, SK Handa, R Bhalwar, VK Wankhede, A Banerjee, D Bhatnagar, H Kumar
  15. Let's Call the Bluff of this Fundamentalism
    Singh AJ.
  16. Key Predictors of High Blood Pressure and Hypertension among Adolescents: A Simple Prescription for Prevention
    M.B. Soudarssanane, , M. Karthigeyan, S. Stephen, A. Sahai
  17. A Study of the Morbidity Status of Children in Social Welfare Hostels in Tirupati Town
    K Srinivasan, G R< Prabhu
  18. Gutkha Consumption and its Determinants among Secondary School Male Students
    K Mukherjee, R S Hadaye
  19. Socio-cultural and Nutritional Aspects of Fast Food Consumption among Teenagers and Youth
    D Kumar, P C Mittal, S Singh
  20. Assessment of Vaccination Performance by Lot Quality Technique in An Urban Community of Miraj
    V S Tapare, P S Borle
  21. Maternal Care Rendered at an Urban Health Centre of a Metropolitan City
    B. Banerjee
  22. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Dengue fever: A Hospital Based Study
    S Matta, S Bhalla, D Singh, S K Rasania, S Singh
  23. Book Review - Essentials of Management
    Dr. Sonu Goel
  24. Measuring Inter Epidemic Risk in a Dengue Endemic Rural Area Using Aedes larval Indices
    N. Isaacs
  25. Outcome of Antenatal Care in an Urban Slum of Delhi
    S. Sinha
  26. Visual Fatigue and Computer Use Among College Students
    A Rajeev, A Gupta, M Sharma
  27. Changing Prevalence of I.D.D. in Bhavnagar District
    P B Verma, M P Singh
  28. Malnutrition - A Missed Opportunity to Treat at Tertiary Care
    S. Mallik, S P Mitra, A Roy, SS Basu, A Saha, A K Munsi
  29. Patient Perception of Illness and Initial Reaction To The Diagnosis of Tuberculosis
    U Eram, I A Khan, Md Z Tamanna, Z Khan, N Khaliq, A J Abidi
  30. Road Safety Awareness and Practices Among School Children of Chandigarh
    H.M. Swami, S. Puri, V. Bhatia<
  31. Impact of Iron, Folate and Vitamin C Supplementation on The Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anemia In Non-pregnant Females of Peri Urban Areas of Aligarh
    S Mehnaz, S. Afzal, S. Khalil, Z. Khan
  32. Use of Medical Library by Medical Students and Teachers in Medical Colleges of Kolkata
    C Chatterjee, G K Joardar, K Bhattacharrya, S Nandy, R N Misra
  33. Injuries In the Glass Factory Workers, Nagpur
    K.P. Brahmapurkar, A.G. Lanjewar, J.R. Biranjan, S.P. Zodpey
  34. Awareness on HIV/AIDS Among Women in A Refugee Community
    P Bibi, P Panda, AJ Purty, J Bazroy
  35. Data Fabrication - Scientific Misconduct
    D Saxena, P Kumar
  36. Vaccine Polioviruses In Stool Samples of AFP Cases
    Yash Paul
  37. Book Review - Basic Methods of Medical Research
    Dr. A J Singh
  38. A Study of IEC Activity in RCH at PHC
    Y. R. Kadam, A.J. Jadhav, P.M. Durgavale, S.V. Kakade
  39. News and Events
  40. Epidemiological Determinants of Tobacco Use In Gujarat State, India
    DV Bala, ILA N Bodiwala, DD Patel, PM Shah
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