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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 31, No. 2 (2006-04 - 2006-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. View Point: Public Health Foundation of India - Will the Public be Placed at the Centre?
    Abhay Shukla
  3. View Point: National Health Promotion Initiative: An idea whose time has come
    A. Krishnan1, S.K. Kapoor2
  4. CME: Newer Vaccines-Need for Informed Choice
    D. K. Taneja, P. Sharma
  5. Impact of Child to Child Programme on Knowledge, Attitude Practice Regarding Diarrhoea among Rural School Children
    P.R. Walvekar, V. A. Naik, A. S. Wantamutte, M.D. Mallapur
  6. A Study of Carrier State of S. Typhi, Intestinal Parasites & Personal Hygiene amongst Food Handlers in Amritsar City
    U. Mohan1, V. Mohan2, K. Raj3
  7. Epidemiological Study of Psychosocial Profile of Blind People
    S.V. Chincholikar
  8. Breast Feeding Practices in Rural Lucknow
    Reema Verma, Uday Mohan, V.K. Srivastava, Sujata
  9. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Cataract Surgery among Senile Cataract Cases in Haryana
    J. Bhagwan,1 I.M. Rastogi2, J.S. Malik2, C.S. Dhull2
  10. Application of Logistic Regression to Estimate Prognosis in Acute Myocardial Infarction
    S. V. Kakade1, N.K. Tyagi2, R.N. Kadam1
  11. Study of Unmet Need for Family Planning among Women of Reproductive Age Group Attending Immunization Clinic in a Medical College of Kolkata
    S. K. Bhattacharya1, R. Ram1, D. N. Goswami1, U. D. Gupta1, K. Bhattacharyya1 S. Ray2
  12. Epidemiology of Urolithiasis and Chemical Composition of Urinary Stones in Purnia Division of Bihar
    T.V.R.K. Rao, S.Bano, M. Das
  13. Body Mass Index Status and Some Obesity Promoting Dietary Factors Among Students of Nursing Training School, Bankura
    A. Sinhababu
  14. Enhancing the Outreach of Community Medicine Field Team Through Mobile Phones - A Pilot Study
    Dr. Surya Bali, Dr. Amarjeet Singh
  15. The Impact of School Health Education Programme on Personal Hygiene and Related Morbidities in Tribal School Children of Wardha District
    A R Dongre, P R Deshmukh, B S Garg
  16. Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancy
    T. Thekkekkara, J.Veenu
  17. Awareness and Practices Regarding Spacing Methods in Urban Slums of Rohtak
    N.K. Saini1, M. Singh2, D.R. Gaur1, R. Kumar1, M.Rajput1
  18. Initiating a Community Mental Health Programme in Rural Karnataka
    A. N. Isaacs1, K. Srinivasan2, I. Neerakkal2, G. Jayaram3
  19. Epidemiology of Alcohol Use among Residents of Remote Hills of Arunachal Pradesh
    B.S. Deswal1, A.K. Jindal1, K.K.Gupta2
  20. Knowledge and Attitude on Lactational Amenorrhoea Method as a Contraceptive Device among Nursing Students
    A.K. Brogen1, Hmingthanzuala1, T. Anichari1, T. Achouba1, N.N. Singh2
  21. Morbidity Profile and Knowledge of Occupational Hazards among Jute Mill Workers
    Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Prof. S. Nagesh, B. K. Yadav
  22. Knowledge about Tuberculosis in Senior School Students of Punjab
    U.P. Singh1, A. Bala2, R.K.D. Goel2
  23. Exclusive Breast feeding: Factors Related to Success or Failure
    Nabanita Bhattacharyya, Mrinal Kanti Das
  24. Epidemiological Study of Burn Injuries in a Slum Community of Delhi
    P. Lal, M. Rahi, T.Jain, G.K. Ingle
  25. Awareness and Practices Regarding Factors Associated with Lymphatic Filariasis in a Municipal Area of North Kerala
    M. Jayakumary, S. Jayadevan, B. Divakaran, C.H. Jeesha, S. Dass
  26. Study of Infective Dermatoses among Street Children and Adolescents in Mumbai
    K. Mukherjee, S.Z. Quazi, A. Gaidhane
  27. Health Status of Adolescent Girls in Slums of Lucknow
    J. Singh, J.V. Singh, A.K. Srivastava, Suryakant
  28. Prevalence and Pattern of Alcohol Consumption in Rural Goa
    N. Y. Dhupdale1, D.D. Motghare1, A.M.A. Ferreira1, Y.D. Prasad2
  29. Stop Unnecessary and forced HIV testing of Students
    Dr. Sonu Goel, Dr. J.S. Thakur, Prof. A.J Singh
  30. Measles Outbreak in a Rural Area Near Shimla
    B.P. Gupta, S. Sharma
  31. Overhead Projector - A Versatile Teaching Tool
    Dr. Hemangini K.Shah
  32. Isolated Systolic Hypertension among Office Workers in North Indian Town
    A. K. Gupta, P. C. Negi, B. P. Gupta, A. Bhardwaj, B. Sharma
  33. Study of Awareness Status about Hospital Waste Management among Personnel and Quantification
    Y. Saraf, M. Shinde, S.C. Tiwari
  34. Outcome of Unwanted Pregnancies: A Comparative Study
    R. Sharma, S.K. Choudhary, N. Pandit
  35. Book Review
    Dr. Surya Bali
  36. Refractive Errors Among Adolescents Attending Ophthalmology OPD
    S. Matta1, P. Matta2, V. Gupta2, A. Dev2
  37. Impairment of Activities of Daily Living Among Leprosy Patients
    Ms. W. Chitra
  38. News and Events
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