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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 30, No. 4 (2005-10 - 2005-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. News
    Editorial Staff
  3. Forth-Coming Events
    Editorial Staff
  4. Preventive and Social Medicine: A Victorian Legacy
    Richard M. Krause, M. D
  5. School Health
    K. Raghava Prasad
  6. A New Instrument (Scale) for Measuring the Socioeconomic Status of a Family: Preliminary Study
    O.P. Aggarwal, S.K. Bhasin, A.K. Sharma, P. Chhabra, K. Aggarwal, O.P. Rajoura
  7. Annexure to "A New Instrument (Scale) for Measuring..."
    O.P. Aggarwal, S.K. Bhasin, A.K. Sharma, P. Chhabra, K. Aggarwal, O.P. Rajoura
  8. Ganga Water Pollution and Occurrence of Enteric Diseases in Varanasi City
    M. Pandey, V.K. Dixit, G.P. Katiyar, G. Nath, S.M. Sundram, N. Chandra, A.K. Shomvansi, S. Kar, V.K. Upadhay
  9. UHRC and IAPSM Announces the 3rd Nation-wide Essay Contest on Urban Health
    Editorial Staff
  10. Economic Cost and Consequences of Kala-Azar in Danusha and Mahottari Districts of Nepal
    S.R. Adhikari, N.M. Maskay
  11. Societal Norms and Open Communication about Sex-Related Issues as Predictors of Safer Sex
    M. S. Selvan1, M.W. Ross2, P. Parker3
  12. Consolidated Financial Statements, March 31,2005
  13. Prevalence of Periodontal Diseases in Urban and Rural areas of Ludhiana, Punjab
    GPI Singh, J. Bindra, R.K. Soni, M. Sood
  14. Epidemiology of Cancer in Rural Maharastra
    G. Mishra
  15. Risk factors of Coronary Heart Disease in a Selected Community
    P. Mohanan, Asha K., A. Rajeev, B.S. Sajjan
  16. Morbidity Pattern of Women Attending Screening Program in an Urban Slum in Mumbai
    D. Pandit, R. Prabha, S. Shanbhag, R. Mayekar
  17. Suicidal Attempts Reported at a Medical College Hospital in Tamil Nadu
    M. Logaraj, N. Ethirajan, J.W. Felix, F.W. Roseline
  18. Community Perception Regarding Mosquito-Borne Diseases with Special Reference to Dengue
    K. Ravi Kumar, G. Gururaj
  19. Efficacy of Filter Plant in Removal of Arsenic from Water of Yamuna River
    S. Lalwani, T.D. Dogra, D.N. Bhardwaj, R.K. Sharma, O.P. Murty
  20. Risk Factors Associated with Low Birth Weight in Newborns
    H.S. Joshi1, S.H. Subba2, S.B. Dabral1, S. Dwivedi1, D. Kumar1, S. Singh1
  21. Efficacy of BASNEF Model in Controlling of Diabetic Patients in the City of Yazd, Iran
    M.H. Baghyani-Moghadam1, F. Shafiei2, A.R. Haydarneia2, M. Afkhami3
  22. An Explosive Outbreak of Multidrug Resistant EL Tor Cholera in a Rural Community of Gujarat State
    Pradeep Kumar
  23. Letters to Editor
    Editorial Staff
  24. KAP on Emergency Contraception among Medical and General Community of Bhopal City
    S. Bhadra, S.C. Tiwari, S. Nandeshwar, R. Kakkar
  25. Impact of Health Education on Knowledge about HIV/AIDS among Students of Social Sciences
    H.A. Khadilkar, P.D. Warkari, V.B. Yadav, S.G. Soundale
  26. Seroprevalence of HIV in Central Jail Inmates of Amritsar
    A. Aggarwal, U. Arora, N. Nagpal
  27. Some Exaggerated or Non-existing Properties of OPV
    Yash Paul
  28. A Bias, After All
    Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi
  29. Breast Feeding Practices in a Rural ICDS Block of Khallikote, South Orissa
    Suvra Pathi, B.C. Das
  30. Child Rearing Practices of Mothers in Rural Gujarat
    Dr. S.K. Choudhary, Dr. S.L. Thomas, Dr. Sunil Kumar
  31. Enteric Fever in Infancy. Two Cases in an Orphanage Out Break
    Mohit Sahni, Shubhangi Bedi*
  32. Bottlenecks to Breast Feeding in Rural Rajasthan
    Deeksha Sharma* and Sheel Sharma
  33. Book Review
    Dr. Arun Kumar Aggarwal, Dr. B.T. Rao
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