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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 30, No. 2 (2005-04 - 2005-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. Prevalence of Goiter in 6-12 Year Children of Kandhamal District in Orissa
    T. Sahu, N.C. Sahani, D. M. Satapathy, T.R. Behera
  3. Prevalence of Usage of Different Contraceptive Methods in East Delhi-A Cross Sectional Study
    S. K. Bhasin, M. Pant, M. Metha, S. Kumar
  4. Multifactorial Analysis of Blood Pressure
    Variations in a Rural Community of West Bengal

    S. K. Sadhukhan1, A. Dan2
  5. Epidemiological Correlates of Contraceptive Prevalence in Rural Population of Dehradun District
    A. Kansal R. Chandra, S.D. Kandpal, K.S. Negi
  6. Incidence of Tuberculosis from Study of Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology in Lymphadenopathy and Acid-Fast Staining
    S.S. Ahmad1, S. Akhtar1, K. Akhtar1, S. Naseem1, T. Mansoor2, S. Khalil3
  7. Cost Factors Related with Normal Vaginal Delivery and Caesarean Section in Government and Non-Government Settings
    D.M. Satapathy1, R. Panda1, B.C. Das2
  8. A Study of Epidemiological Factors Influencing Periodontal Diseases in selected Areas of District Ludhiana, Punjab
    M. Sood
  9. Discriminatory Attitudes of a Rural Community Towards People with HIV/AIDS: Experiences From Goa
    F.S. Vaz, A.M.A. Ferreira, D.D. Motghare, M.S. Kulkarni
  10. IAPSM Resolution for Achieving Millennium Development Goals
    Editorial Staff
  11. Budget 2005-06 – Whither Public Health Agenda
    Editorial Staff
  12. Minutes of General Council Meeting of IAPSM held on 18.2.2005 at Loni
    Editorial Staff
  13. Proceedings of 23rd Annual Conference of I.A.P.S.M. (Orissa State Branch)-2005
  14. Proceedings of the XII State Annual Conference and General Council Meeting of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine - Gujarat Chapter 2004-2005
    Editorial staff
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