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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 29, No. 2 (2004-04 - 2004-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. Dhanwantri Oration: Accreditation of Public Health Courses in India - The Challenge Ahead
    B. S. Garg
  3. Harchan Singh Oration: Scenario of Postgraduate Medical Education in Community Medicine in India
    Sunder Lal*
  4. Breast Feeding Behaviour of Indian Women
    A. A. Kameswararao*
  5. Study of STD Pattern in Hamidia Hospital, Bhopal and its Associated Risk Factors
    M. Toppo, S.C. Tiwari, GC. Dixit, Nandeshwar
  6. A Comparative Study of Perception about Reproductive Tract Infections among Married Women in Rural, Urban and Urban Slum Areas
    A Srivastava, D. Nandan, A.K. Mehrotra, B.B. Maheshwari, S.K. Mishra
  7. A Study of Some Socioeconomic Factors on Drug abuse among the Undergraduate Medical Students in Calcutta
    N. N. Naskar1, M. Roy2, S. K. Bhattacharya3
  8. Some Factors Associated with Number of Children Ever Born in Uttar Pradesh A Comparative Results under Multiple Regression Analysis and Multilevel Analysis
    S.N. Dwivedi, S. Rajaram*
  9. Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Epidemiological Research The way forward for Public Health in the Next Millennium
    T. N. Mishra*
  10. Analysis of Adoption Preference of Family Planning Methods Through Multiple Logistic Regression
    A.R. Aggarwal, P. Singh
  11. Acute Paralytic Poliomyelitis: Change in Number over Years Impact of PPI: Sentinel Centre Experience
    K. Singh, G Kaur, R. Kumar
  12. Knowledge and Perception of Practising Doctors in The Management of Acute Watery Diarrhoea
    P. Parekh, P. Gandhi, J. Nadkarni
  13. On Validity of Assumptions while Determining Sample Size
    S. B. Sarmukaddam, S. G. Garad
  14. Prevention of Blindness and Mobility of A Blind
    S. Sood, M. Nada, R. C. Nagpal
  15. Psycho-Social Implications of Blind Child
    S. Sood, M. Nada, R. C. Nagpal
  16. Study of Need of Awareness Generation Regarding A Component of Reproductive and Child Health Programme
    A. Haldar1, R. Rams,2 T. Chatterjee1, R. Misra3, G K. Joardar1
  17. Involvement of Junior Doctors and Students in Intensified Pulse Polio Immunisation - Some Experiences
    A. B. Biswas, S. Nandy, R. Misra, P. K. Mondal, K :'Mitra, J. Mitra
  18. Proceedings of West Bengal Chapter of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine held at Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata on 6th April - 2004
  19. Proceedings of the IAPSM General Council Meeting held at PGI Chandigarh on 28.02.04
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