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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 25, No. 1 (2000-01 - 2000-03)


  1. Editorial
  2. Continuing Education in Health Care Sector - The Issues and Options
    S.S. Kushwah
  3. Rapid Assessment of Nutritional Status and Dietary Pattern in Municipal Area
    Sandip Kumar Ray*, Akhil Bandhu Biswas**, Samir Das Gupta***, Dipankar Mukherjee****,
  4. Surveillance of HIV Infection in Haryana
    D.R. Arora, Veenu Gupta, B. Arora*
  5. Study of Unmet Need for Family Planning Among Married Women of Reproductive Age Attending Immunization Clinic in a Medical College of Calcutta
    Mrs. Rama Ram, M.N. Ghosh, Salil Bhattacharya, Anima Haldar, Chitra Chatterjee, Narendranath Naskar
  6. A Study of Never Users of Contraception from an Urban Slum of Delhi
    A. Khokhar, N. Gulati
  7. Oral Health Status and Risk Factors for Dental and Periodental Diseases Among Rural Women in Pondicherry
    M. Jagadeesan*, S.B. Rotti**, M. Danabalan**
  8. Nosocomial Infections and Hospital Procedures
    P.S. Ganguly, Md. Yunus Khan, Abida Malik*
  9. Letters to the Editor
    Dr. Bastian T.S.
  10. Book Review: Organization Behaviour and Community Health
    Shiv Chandra Mathur;
  11. Lactation Management - Need for Training in Indian Context
    D.K. Taneja, J.P. Dadhich*
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