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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 26, No. 1 (2001-01 - 2001-03)


  1. Editorial
  2. A Longitudinal Study on ARI among Rural Under Fives
    Nilanjan Kumar Mitra
  3. Impact of Blood Donation Awareness Campaign by National Service Scheme of Government Medical College, Nanded
    J.V. Dixit, A.R. Mahale*, A.P. Kulkarni, S.B. Rathod**
  4. Coverage and Quality of Maternal and Child Health Services at Subcentre Level
    Sunder Lal, Satish Kapoor, Brij Mohan Singh Vashisht, M.S. Punia
  5. A Study on Awareness and Perceptions Regarding Blood Safety and Blood Donation Among Health Care Providers in a Teaching Hospital of Calcutta
    Kaninika Mitra, Pankaj Kumar Mandal, Saswati Nandy, Rabindranath Roy, Gautam Kumar Joardar, Raghunath Mishra
  6. Morbidity Profile of Cotton Textile Workers
    Rajnarayan R Tiwari, Mrinalini C Pathak, Sanjay P Zodpey*, Vijay Y Babar
  7. Epidemiological Profile of Snakebite cases Admitted in JIPMER Hospital
    Panna Lal, Srihari Dutta*, S.B. Rotti*, M. Danabalan*, Akshay Kumar*
  8. Proxy Information of Health Problems in School Children from Parents using Questionnaire and Interview Technique
    Vandana Kakrani, Sudesh Gandham, Geeta Bhat, Shrikar Pardeshi
  9. Quiz as a Method to Teach Nutrition and Health
    S.B. Rotti, Shrihari Dutta, M. Danabalan, K.A. Narayan, M.B. Soudarssanane, G. Roy
  10. Abortion Scenario of Adolescents in a North India City - Evidence from a Recent Study
    Sonia Trikha
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