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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 26, No. 2 (2001-04 - 2001-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. Overcoming the Information Knowlege Gap in Biomedical Research Through Methodological Pluralism
    R.K. Sachar
  3. 28th National Conference
    Dr. K.Raghava Prasad
  4. A Clinico-Social Study of Psychiatric Morbidity in 12 - to 18 Years School Going Girls in Urban Delhi
    Amrita Mishra, A.K. Sharma
  5. A Study of Leprosy Cases Among Contacts in West Bengal
    Anima Halder (Biswas), Malay Mundle*, Uchhal Kumar Bhadra*, Raghunath Mishra**, Banamali Sinha Mahapatra***
  6. An Evaluation of Health Status of Food Handlers of Eating Establishments in Various Educational and Health Institutions in Amritsar City
    V. Mohan, U. Mohan*, Lakshman Dass**, Manohar Lal***
  7. Health Status of Inmates of a Prison
    R.K. Gupta, G.P.I. Singh*, (Mrs.) Rajshree R. Gupta**
  8. Nutritional Status and Dietary Intake of Pre-School Children in Urban Slums of Varanasi
    R.N. Mishra, C.P. Mishra, P. Sen, T.B. Singh*
  9. Utilization and Coverage of Services by Women of Jawan Block in Aligarh
    Ranjan Das, Ali Amir, Papri Nath
  10. A study of Some Facets Reflecting in-patient care of Naxalbari Rural Hospital on Indo-Nepal Border of West Bengal and the Quality of the Care as Perceived by the Patients
    Vijay Thapa, J.B. Saha, Rama Ram, S.K. Lahiri, G.N. Sarkar
  11. Proceedings of the General Council Meeting Held at Govt. Medical College, Jammu on 10.2.2001
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