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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 27, No. 3 (2002-07 - 2002-09)


  1. Editorial
  2. Study of Some Epidemiological Factors in Teenage Pregnancy - Hospital Based Case Comparison Study
    M.S. Chahande, A.R. Jadhao, S.K. Wadhva, Suresh Ughade
  3. Estimation of Prevalence of RTI's/STD's Among Women of Reproductive Age Group in District Agra
    Deoki Nandan, S.K. Misra, Anita Sharma, Manish Jain
  4. Factors Affecting the Non-Compliance in Directly Observed Short Course Chemotherapy in Lucknow District
    Mahesh Kumar, J.V. Singh, A.K. Srivastava, S.K. Verma*
  5. Knowlege, Attitudes and Socio-Demographic Factors Differentiating Blood Donors From Non-Donors in an Urban Slum of Delhi
    Bir Singh, RM Pandey#, N D'Souza, A Anushyanthan*, V Krishna*, V Gupta*, MM Chaudhary*, S Ganeshan*, S Jha*, S Uppal*, V Mehrara*, RD Deepchand*, Y Singh*, KM Hsia*, S Bhushan*, V Anand*, AK Singh**
  6. Nutritional Status and Gender Differeces in the Children of less than 5 Years of age Attending ICDS Anganwadis in Vadodara City
    KD Bhalani, PV Kotecha
  7. Profile of IUD Acceptors Attending Post Partum Unit of a Teaching Hospital
    Romy Biswas, Saswati Nandy, Kaninika Mitra, Pankaj Kumar Mandal, Sarbjit Ray, Akhil Bandhu Biswas
  8. Continuing Medical Education - Operations Research in Health Care: Concepts and Methodologies
    Rajesh Kumar
  9. Continuing Medical Education - Community Based Rehabilitation in Primary Health Care
    A.K. Sharma, Praveen Vashist
  10. Continuing Medical Education - Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) A New Reduced Osmolarity Formulation
  11. Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference and General Body Meeting of IAPSM (W.B. Chapter) Held at Medical College, Kolkata
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