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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 28, No. 1 (2003-01 - 2003-03)


  1. Editorial
  2. Study of Measles Incidence and Vaccination Coverage in Slums of Surat City
    VK Desai, SJ Kapadia, Pradeep Kumar, Siddharth Nirupam*
  3. Fertility Pattern And Family Planning Practises In A Rural Area In Dakshina Kannada
    Padma Mohanan, Asha Kamath, B.S. Sajjan
  4. A Study on Compliance and Behavioral Responses of Patients in an out-Patient Clinic
    Mrs. J.P. Acharya, I Acharya
  5. Intestinal Parasitic Infections, Anemia and Undernutrition Among Tribal Adolescents of Madhya Pradesh
    VG Rao, MC Aggrawal*, R Yadav, SK Das, LK Sahare, MK Bondley, RK Minocha
  6. Evaluation Of Impact Of Health Education Regarding HIV/AIDS On Knowledge And Attitude Among Persons Living With HIV
    Sanjay Sangole, B.V. Tandale, P.S. Bagde, D.M. Thorat
  7. Breastfeeding Duration in Bangladesh and Factors Associated With It
    M.S. Giashuddin, M. Kabir*
  8. Indian Yaws Eradication Programme Needs Reinforcement
    V.B. Saxena*
  9. Trend in Maternal Mortality and some Policy Concerns
    Asha Rawal
  10. Proceedings of 21st Annual Conference of IAPSM, Orissa State Branch, 2003
  11. Activities of Maharashtra Chapter (Mumbai Branch) of IAPSM
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