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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 30, No. 1 (2005-03 - 2005-03)


  1. Editorial
  2. Instructions for Contributors (Revised 2005)
  3. Letters to the Editor
    (PMP Singh) Lt Col.
  4. Safe Motherhood Status in the Urban Slums of Davangere City
    R. R. Venkatesh, A. G. Umakantha, J. Yuvaraj
  5. Calorie and Protein Intake and its Determinants Among Adolescent School Girls in Delhi
    A. K. Sharma, D. Shukla, A.T. Kannan
  6. An Epidemiological Study of Obesity Among Elderly in Chandigarh
    H.M. Swami, V. Bhatia, A.K. Gupta, S.P.S. Bhatia
  7. A Study of Child Labour Among School Children and Related Factors in Pondicherry
    T. Nivethida, G. Roy
  8. A Study of Lipid Profiles Among Male Voluntary Blood Donors in Chennai City
    R.S. Bharadwaj
  9. Gutka Advertisement and Smokless Tobacco Use by Adolescents in Sikkim, India
    D.N. Sinha
  10. Contraceptive Use in Women From a Resettlement Area in Delhi
    A. Khokhar, M. Mehra
  11. Effect of Some Health Educational Techniques in Disseminating the Knowledge About HIV / AIDS Among Adolescent Students
    S.P. Singh, N. Garg, S.C. Mohapatra, R.N. Mishra
  12. An Intervention Study in Malnutrition Among Infants in a Tribal Community of West Bengal
    B. Banerjee, O.N. Mandal
  13. Prevalence of 'At Risk' Under-Five Children in a Rural Area
    S. Sharma, B.P. Gupta
  14. Perceptions and Practices Regarding Menstruation: A Comparative Study in Urban and Rural Adolescent Girls
    D.S. Deo, C.H. Ghattargi
  15. Age at Menarche and its Association with Age at Marriage and Age at First Birth
    H. Tiwari, R. Tiwari, U.N. Oza
  16. Women's Exposure To Mass Media And Use of Family Planning Methods: A Case Study of Goa
    M.S. Kulkarni,
  17. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Tobacoo Consumption Among the College Students of Bhavnagar City (Gujarat)
    V. N. Shah, P.B. Verma, C.B. Tripathi
  18. Prevalence of Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Young Non-Diabetic Patients with Ischaemic Heart Disease (Below 50 Years)
    M.K. Jain, P.K. Baghel, P. Vasudeva
  19. Proceedings of the IAPSM (North Zone Chapter) General Council Meeting Held at DMC, Ludhiana on 16.10.2004
    Dr. Bhupinder Singh
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