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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 29, No. 4 (2004-10 - 2004-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Instructions for Contributors (Revised)
  3. Building Public Sector - NGO Partnerships for Urban RCH Services
  4. A Retrospective Study of Diphtheria Cases, Rajkot, Gujarat
    U.V. Patel1, B.H. Patel1, B.S. Bhavsar1, H.M. Dabhi1, S.K. Doshi2
  5. Rabies: What We Know and What We Need to Know
    T.S. Sandhu
  6. Assessment of One Year of RNTCP
    S.S. Aggarwal, N.S. Aggarwal, S.S. Nagar, B.K. Makadia
  7. Epidemological Study of Chronic Bronchitis Among Textile Workers In Pondicherry
    A.K. Mishra, S.B. Rotti, A. Sahai, M. Mohan, Danabalan
  8. Risk Factor Assessment for Type II Diabetes Mellitus in a Tertiary Hospital in Kolkata
    D. Dutt, G. Roy, P. Chatterjee
  9. Malaria-Resurgence and Problems
    J. Dutta, Z. Singh, A.K. Verma, M.S. Bishnoi
  10. Test for Rapid Diagnosis of Plasmodium Falciparum Infection
    A. Chitkara, F.U. Ahmed
  11. Reducing HIV-Related Risk Behaviour Among Injecting Drug Users: The Harm Reduction Model in Bangladesh
    S.E. Habib
  12. Awareness of Oral Polio Vaccine Vial Monitor Among the Polio Booth Staff
    A. Puri, M. Mehra
  13. Breast Feeding Practices in an Urban Community of Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    R.N. Kulkarni, S. Anjenaya, R. Gujar
  14. Epidemiological Profile of Hydrophobia Cases - S.M.S. Hospital, Jaipur
    A. Kashyap
  15. Maternal Determinants of Intrauterine Growth Retardation: A Case Control Study in Udupi District, Karnataka
    D. Acharya, K. Nagraj, N.S. Nair, H.V. Bhat
  16. Mortality Trends of Hospital Admission in a Rural Medical College Hospital with Special Emphasis on Infant Mortality
    P. Chaturvedi, J. Ayengar, D. Chaturvedi
  17. Prevalence and Pattern of Disability in a Rural Community in Karnataka
    R. R. Pati
  18. Epidemiology and Mortality of Burns in JNMC Hospitlal, AMU Aligarh: A 5 year Study
    V. Mago, M. Yaseen, L.M. Bariar
  19. Family Burden in Mentally Handicapped Children
    G. Gathwala, S. Gupta
  20. Use of SRQ in Psychiatric Epidemiology
    S.V. Chincholikar
  21. Quality of Child Health Services at Primary Care Level (Rural Vs Urban) in Lucknow District
    M. Agarwal, M.Z. Idris, N. Ahmed
  22. Knowledge About Health and Health Care Seeking Behaviour of Commercial Sex Workers in Kolkata
    M. Dobe, M. Mundle, R.N. Mondal
  23. Effect of De-worming on Response of Iron-Folic Acid Supplementation Among Adolescent School Girls of Lucknow
    S Tripathi, M.Z. Idris, J. Masood
  24. KAP of Urban, Rural and Tribal AWWs and Beneficiary Mother Nutrition in Lactation
    A. Joshi, M. M Husain, M. Inamdar
  25. Proceedings of 22nd Annual Conference of IAPSM, (Orissa State Branch)-2004
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