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Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Vol. 32, No. 2 (2007-04 - 2007-06)


  1. Editorial
  2. Ensuring health for all people: Balanced development in health care and services is the key issue
    Plianbangchang Samlee
  3. Public health learning and practice from hygiene to community medicine, health management and beyond issues: Challenges and options
    Kushwah SS
  4. Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness: An overview
    Ingle GK, Malhotra Chetna
  5. Morbidity profile of ex-servicemen residing in Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad municipal corporation area and its relationship with certain clinico-epidemiological factors
    Kumbhar SK, Joshi JK, Tapare VS, Yadav JU
  6. Targeted interventions in Rajasthan, India: How informed are the beneficiaries about transmission of human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?
    Singh LP, Purohit N, Mishra N
  7. Effect of maternal nutritional status on the birth weight among women of tea tribe in Dibrugarh district
    Gogoi Gourangie, Ahmed FU
  8. Participation of adolescents in household decision-making process in Bangladesh
    Rahman Mizanur M, Kabir M, Shahidullah M
  9. Impact of training, on perceptions and practices related to human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, on male health workers in Rajkot district, Gujarat
    Katira JM, Dutt D, Tolia PB, Chatterjee P
  10. A study on the health status of food handlers employed in food establishments in Bijapur city
    Udgiri Rekha S, Masali KA
  11. Profile of accidents in children less than five years of age belonging to a rural community in Belgaum district
    Nath Anita, Naik Vijaya A
  12. The changing profile of pregnant women and quality of antenatal care in rural North India
    Singh A, Arora AK
  13. Epidemiological study of violence: A study from North East India
    Baruah Anuja, Baruha Alak
  14. Thyroid stimulating hormone measurement as the confirmatory diagnosis of hypothyroidism: A study from a tertiary-care teaching hospital, Kolkatta
    Saha Pradip Kumar, Baur Baijayanti, Gupta Soma
  15. Perceptions and practice with regard to reproductive health among out-of-school adolescents
    Kushwah SS, Mittal Anuj
  16. Prevalence of reproductive tract infections among recently married women in Veerapandi Panchayat union of Salem district, Tamil Nadu
    Kannan C, Athmaraman TN, Nayeem Abdul, Sangeetha S, Sudha R, Ponsuganthi K, Murugan K
  17. A cross-sectional study on quality of life in geriatric population
    Barua Ankur, Mangesh R, Harsha Kumar HN, Mathew Saajan
  18. Factors influencing maternal health in Rewa town
    Sahu Divya, Kushwah SS
  19. Activity status of elderly in a rural area
    Goel PK, Garg SK, Singh JV, Bhatnagar M, Chopra H, Bajpai SK
  20. Socioeconomic and demographic correlates of tobacco use and alcoholic consumption among Indian women
    Mini GK
  21. Polio eradication: Time for introspection
    Chaudhary A, Sharma S, Girdhar S
  22. Fertility profile and its correlates in a rural population of Dehradun district
    Kansal Amrita, Chandra R, Kandpal SD, Negi KS
  23. Malaria among migrants in a rural area of Belgaum
    Muralidhar MK, Wantamutte AS
  24. Changing trends in breast-feeding pattern
    Kumkum A, Ashima T, Praveen S, Shweta CG
  25. Use of home remedies by women for the treatment of minor injuries
    Kadam YR, Durgawale PM, Kakade SV
  26. Awareness and practices of menstruation and pubertal changes amongst unmarried female adolescents in a rural area of East Delhi
    Nair Parvathy, Grover Vijay L, Kannan AT
  27. Currency as fomites?
    Jalgaonkar SV, Agrawal Gopal, Rahangdale Vaishali, Kokate SB
  28. Seroprevalence of anti-hepatitis C virus antibody in a hospital-based population of Jaipur, Rajasthan
    Sharma Rajni, Sinha Parul, Bachiwal Rekha, Rishi Suman
  29. Awareness regarding pre- and postexposure prophylaxis for human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome among nursing students
    Avachat S, Phalke DB, Dhumale GB
  30. A new initiative on primary and preventive health care-early results on expenditure patterns
    Vedam Shankar R
  31. Government should enforce restrictions on medical practice by non-qualified persons as well as cross practice in India
    Bansal RK, Verma A
  32. Public health foundation: Concerns and missed areas
    Sood RK, Goel S, Gupta AK
    Kannan C
    Soudarssanane Bala M, Pradhan SK
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