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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 2, No. 4 (2005-09 - 2005-10)


  1. Editorial
  2. Earthquake Special - Excerpts from the opening address of Dr. Uton Muchtar Rafei
  3. Another Disaster - Another Reminder!
  4. Disaster Preparedness
    Atif Syed
  5. Post Disaster Public Health Issues
    S. Venkatesh, A.C. Dhariwal, D. Bora and Avdesh Kumar
  6. Inter-Sectoral Coordination
  7. DOs & DON'Ts in post disaster situation for control of Epidemic Prone Communicable Diseases
  8. Guidelines for Control of Water-borne Diseases, Vector-borne Diseases, Measles and Disposal of Dead Bodies in Emergency Conditions
    Emergency Medical Services Department, Directorate General Health Services, New Delhi
  9. Disaster Epidemiology and Surveillance
    J. A. Khan*
  10. Mental Health Problems Following Disaster: Management in Primary Care Settings
    A K Malhotra*, J Singh**, & R K Chadda***
  11. Disaster and Children: Initial Assessment and Management by Non-Medicos
  12. Disasters and Immunization
    T. K. Matoo*
  13. Using Auto-Disable Syringes for Immunization
    Satish Kumar* and Abhay Saraf**
  14. Epidemic Prone Airborne Infections
    Srividya Rao*
  15. Epinephrine
    Abolhassan Hashimnejad*
  16. Earthquake
    Amarnath K. Menon*
  17. Special Supplement: Post-disaster Emergency Health Management
    Muzaffar Ahmad MD, FACP *
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