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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 1, No. 4 (2005-01 - 2005-02)


  1. Editorial
  2. Medical Quiz: IV
  3. Diagnosis of Anaemia: Role of CBC and Peripheral Blood Smear
    Neha Dahiya
  4. Patient Education: Anaemia
  5. Torch Test: Need for use as Screening Test
    Naveen Thapliyal*, Geeta Jain**, Godavari Pandey***
  6. Torch Test
    Manzoor Kadri
  7. Influenza: A Reminder
    Bashir Gaash
  8. Patient Education: Influenza
  9. Cold Chain Maintenance
    Rubina Shaheen
  10. Operating Room Etiquette
    (Reproduced from "Surgical Care at the District Hospital", WHO, Geneva, 2003)
  11. Pregnancy in the Rh-negative Woman
    Rehana Kausar
  12. Fever in Childhood
    Farooq Fazilli
  13. Parent Education (For the Parent of a Febrile Child)
  14. Rheumatic Fever
    Shabnam Bashir
  15. Tea
    Neelam Bashir
  16. Patient Education: Asthma
  17. Viral Hepatitis: Recent Progress
    Rohini Bhan, Arvind Bhan
  18. Immunology Update: B-Lymphocyte Development
    Gazala Shakoor
  19. Screening: Cervical Cancer
    Manzoor Kadri
  20. Patient Education: Osteoarthritis
    Rohini Bhan
  21. Role of Cefexime in Paediatric UTI
    Srividya Rao
  22. Joseph Lister
  23. Wastes from Healthcare Activities A Consideration
    Muzaffar Ahmad
  24. Reduction of Rectal Prolapse
    Shabnam Bashi
  25. Drug Use in Hepatic Impairment*
    (Staff - BAsed on WHO recommendations
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