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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 1, No. 3 (2004-11 - 2004-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. Medical Quiz III
  3. Ascaris Lumbricoides
    Bashir Gaash
  4. Typhoid Fever
    M. Yusouf Rathor
  5. Adverse Reactions to Transfusions
    S. M. Kadri
  6. Patient Education: Asthma
  7. Airborne Infections, Epidemiology and Control
    Farooq Fazilli
  8. Diabetes in Pregnancy
    Rehana Kausar
  9. Food and Cancer Prevention
    Shabnam Bashir
  10. Brucellosis
    Henk L. Smits and Manzoor Kadri
  11. A Leaf from the History of Medicine: Fleming
  12. Penicillins
    Rubina Shaheen
  13. Down's Syndrome
    Bashir Gaash
  14. Burns
  15. Chronic Obstetric Pulmonary Disease
    Rohini Bhan
  16. Immunity: An Introduction
    Ayaz Amin
  17. Immunization Status of Infants in a Remote District of Kashmir
    Bashir Gaash, Rohini Bhan, Shabnam Bashir
  18. Special Supplement: Drug Use in Renal Impairment
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