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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 1, No. 1 (2004-09 - 2004-10)


  1. Editorial
  2. Parasitic Infestation: Diagnosing Giardiadis
    Bashir Gaash
  3. Drugs Used to Treat Giardiasis:
    Bashir Gaash
  4. Basic Surgical Procedures: Nasal Plugging
    Farooq Khan
  5. Care of the Neonate at Birth
    Farooq Fazilli
  6. Rational Use of Antipyretics in Children
    Condensed from the paper presented by Dr Y. K. Amdekar at the Indo-UK Symposium on "Hot Topics in Pediatrics" held in February 2003.)
  7. Health Care Waste: An Introduction
    Muzaffar Ahmad
  8. Antenatal Care
    Rehana Kausar
  9. Vitamin A Deficiency
    S. Manzoor Kadri
  10. Osteogenesis Imperfecta- An Inherited Collagen Disorder
    et al
  11. Ultraviolet Radiation and Skin Cancer
    Gurcharan Singh
  12. Measuring the TB Problem
    Tajammul Hussain
  13. Newer and Future Vaccines
    Rubina Shaheen
  14. Complementary Feeding
    Rohini Bhan
  15. Eosinophils and Their Abnormalities
    Shabnam Bashir
  16. Ginger
    (Condensed from ICMR Bulletin)
  17. Psychology: Cognition
    Igor Aleksander
  18. Breast Pain
  19. Antibiotic Sensitivity and Resistance Profile of the Micro-organisms Responsible for Urinary Tract Infection Observed in Kashmir, India
    S Manzoor Kadri, Bashir Gash, Asif Rukhsana
  20. Measles Vaccine: Over-inflated Coverage Targets
  21. Louis Pasteur - A Leaf From the History of Medicine
    Neelam Bashir
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