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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 2, No. 1 (2005-03 - 2005-04)


  1. Editorial
  2. Contributors
  3. Medical Quiz
  4. Streptococcal Infection
    Bashir Gaash
  5. Differential Diagnosis of Sore Throat
    Naveen Thakoor
  6. Bio-typing of Group A Streptococci Isolated from Normal School children in South India
    Anbu Mani.N* and Thangam Menon**
  7. Diagnosis of Rheumatic Fever
    S.M. Kadri
  8. Patient Education: Rheumatic Fever
  9. Surgery in the Field
    Editors: (From 'Surgical Care at the District Hospital', World Health Organization, Geneva 2003)
  10. Health Education: Smoking
  11. Passive Smoking
    G. Lahijaani
  12. Lung Cancer
    Shabnam Bashir
  13. Patient Education: Lung Cancer
  14. Endoscopy in Oesophageal Disease
    Niyaz A Jan
  15. Coffee
    Neelam Bashir
  16. Caffeine
  17. Vomiting in Pregnancy
    Rehana Kausar
  18. Subcutaneous Extravasation
    Shabnam Bashir
  19. TB: Laboratory Diagnosis
    Tajammul Hussain
  20. Patient Education: Amniocentesis
  21. Evaluation of Patient with Stroke
    Rohini Bhan & Arvind Bhan
  22. Patient Education: Stroke
  23. Ensuring Safe Water: Health and Hygiene education
    Imtiyaz Ali
  24. Child Psychology
    Babina Bassaud
  25. A Leaf From History of Medicine: Edward Jenner
  26. Special Supplement: Rehydration Fluids
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