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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 5, No. 3 (2008-07 - 2008-08)


  1. Editorial
  2. Clinical profile, Drug Susceptibility and Treatment Practices of Enteric Fever in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Vandana KE, Kamath R, Rao PS, Kabir B
  3. Prevalence and Trends of Seroprevalance of HIV and Syphilis in Blood Donors of Delhi
    Sabharwal ER, Langer S
  4. Control of Diabetes and Dyslipidemia by a Combination of Flaxseed and Garlic or Flaxseed and Vitamin A
    Mitra A, Bhattacharya D
  5. Medical Health Check-up for Safe Journey to Kailash Manasarovar: An Indian Experience
    Langer S, Sabharwal ER
  6. Laparoscopic Repair of the Right Inguinal Hernia (TAPP REPAIR)
    Chalkoo M, Masoodi I
  7. Abridged Guidelines for Authors and Contributors
    IJPD Editors
  8. Priorities for Preventing HIV Epidemic in Low Prevalence States in India
    Dolla CK, Bhat J, Yadav R
  9. Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding – A Review of the Literature [Part III: Current Surgical Management]
    Bashir S, Roy P
  10. Extended-Spectrum-β-Lctamases: The Versatile Foes
    Peer MA, Fomda BA, Nasir RA, Hussain W
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