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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 5, No. 5 (2008-11 - 2008-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. A Critical Analysis of the Pharmacological Treatment of Osteoarthritis in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Durgaprasad S, Rao V B, Rath M
  3. Lobular Carcinoma of Breast - A Pathologic Study
    (25-year Experience)

    Shah P, Shah A, Sofi GN, Sheikh S
  4. Spectrum of Tuberculous Infection in People Living With HIV/AIDS in Jammu
    Rampal, V , Sharma AKL, Saini RK
  5. Prevalence of Obesity in an Urban Population - A Community based Study
    Khalid U. Khayyam, Shariqua Yunus Khan, Mohammad Yunus Khan, S. Muzammil
  6. Morbidity profile and treatment pattern among the workers of diamond cutting and polishing industry at Ahmedabad City
    Harshvardhan Mehta H, Ribadiya G
  7. A Study on Substance Abuse among Women from an Urban Locality of Delhi
    Khokhar A
  8. Coping Strategies in Families with Mentally Retarded Children
    Farheen A, Sanjay Dixit, S.B.Bansal, Veena Yesikar
  9. Primary Hydatid of Spleen: A Case Report
    Fazili A, Wani N, Saleem I, Bhat GH, Mir N A
  10. HbA1c versus Mean Blood Glucose
    Verma A, Muthukrishnan J, Harikumar KVS, Modi K.D
  11. Iron Deficiency Anemia from Vegetarianism, with special reference to Indonesian Adolescent Situation
    Suyanto, Y
  12. Optical Management of Keratoconus
    Verma, A
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