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Indian Journal for the Practising Doctor

Vol. 5, No. 4 (2008-09 - 2008-10)


  1. Editorial
  2. Anemia in the Elderly Residing in a South Indian Rural Community
    Ramachandra SS, Kasthuri A
  3. Diagnostic Role of Impedance Plethysmography in Buerger's Disease
    Sameer, Singh D, Darbari A, Verma N, Bajpai M
  4. Microbial Profile of Septicemia in Children
    Sharma M, Yadav A, Yadav S, Goel N, Chaudhary U.
  5. Role of Chlamydia Infection in Essential Hypertension
    Mitra A, Som NK
  6. Study of Antimycobacterial Drug Resistance in Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Kashmir
    Javid A. Malik, Arshad Farooq, Naveed N.Shah, Shaba N. Molvi, Tanuja A.Makhdoomi
  7. Ethical Issues in Vitamin A Supplementation in India
    Kapil, U
  8. Swimming: A Step Toward Healthy Aging
    Kathrotia R, Rao P, Shah C, Shukla P, Trivedi D, Oommen E
  9. STI's including HIV/AIDS: Integration of Screening in ANC and Family Planning Services in India
    Kadri SM, Danish Ahmed
  10. Pregnancy with Crohn's disease – A Case Report
    Mir S, Al Mulla A, Obaid A.
  11. Case Report of Inflammatory Pseudotumor Spleen
    Chauhan N, Chandoke RK, Kaur O, Ranjan A
  12. Persistent Trichuriasis in an Orang Asli Child
    Amal R. Nimir, Chan Boon Tek Eugene, Aisha Md Yunus
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