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General Information and Editorial Board

Chief Editor:

Dr Muzaffar Ahmad, MD, MNAMS, FACP

Executive Editor:

Dr Bashir Gaash, MD, PhD, DCH.

Associate Editor

Dr SM Kadri, MB, MPH/ICHD (Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1143, GPO, Srinagar, 190001
Kashmir, India
tel: +91-194-2463261
fax: +91-194-2463261
mobile: gsm :91- 9419010363
[email protected]
[email protected]

National Advisory Board

Dr J S Bajaj
Dr Girija Dhar
Lt Gen (Dr) J R Bhardwaj
Dr R K Srivastava
Dr Shiv Lal
Dr Deoki Nandan
Dr D Nagaraja
Dr Upinder Kaul
Dr K Srinath Reddy


Manuscripts should be typed double spaced on one side of good quality A4 size paper and tried as short as they reasonably can. Page number should appear in the upper right hand corner of each page, beginning with the title page. The language of manuscript should be scientific, simple, grammatically correct and explicit.

Research papers: should be arranged into the following sections:

  1. Title page,
  2. Abstract and Key words,
  3. Introduction,
  4. Materials and Methods,
  5. Results,
  6. Discussion,
  7. Acknowledgement
  8. Conclusion,
  9. References,
  10. Tables,
  11. Figures

Title page: It should carry the title, author's names and their affiliations, running title, address for correspondence including e-mail address.

Title: Must be informative, specific and short and should not exceed 15 words.

Authors and affiliations: The names of author, co-author and their appropriate addresses should be given. It should be made clear which address relates to which author.

Address for correspondence: The corresponding author's address should be given in the title page. The e-mail ID of the corresponding author must be provided.

Abstract And Key Words

Abstract: The abstract should be concise, clear and informative of 250 words excluding the keywords.

Key words: 5-10 keywords which would help readers or indexing agencies in cross-indexing the study.

Introduction: Introduction should include a brief description of the topic, aims and objective of the research along with its brief review of literatures.

Materials and Methods: This part should describe a detailed account of methodology adopted along with references. If software, package, procedure are used it should be described briefly.

Results: It includes the statistical significance of the study. It should cover the figures, tables and graphs. The inferences drawn on the basis of the results should be briefly explained.

Discussion: It should cover the comparison of the results with the earlier studies. The author on the basis of the results should draw his own conclusion. The discussion should visualize the application of the study.

Conclusion: Conclusions must be drawn considering the strengths and weaknesses of the statistical results obtained. Conclusion should on the basis of the results and the objectives of the study.

References: References should not exceed 40 for a full paper. Papers which have been submitted and accepted but not yet published may be included in the list of references with the name of the journal and indicated as "Under Publication". Only important and related references should be included in the list. References should include (in the following order): Author Name(s), Initials, Year, Title of article with first letter uppercase, full Journal name in Italics, Vol.No. (Bold) , page range e.g. Gio, L., Knight, J.K., Judson, R.S. 2000: A comprehensive Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nature 403 : 623?627.

Appendices: If more than one, appendices should be lettered A, B, etc., e.g. Appendix A

Acknowledgments: Any particular assistance out of the ordinary may be acknowledged.

Tables: Each table must be self-explanatory and presented in such a way that they are easily understandable without referring to the text. Appropriate positions for the tables within the text may be indicated. Check list for Table

  • Serially numbered
  • Short self explanatory caption given
  • Columns have headings
  • Units of data given
  • Statistical significance of groups indicated by asterisks or other markers
  • Rows and columns properly aligned
  • Appropriate position in the text indicated

Figures: Each figure must be numbered and a short descriptive caption must be provided. Raw data for graphs must be submitted when the article is accepted for publication. This will enable the editorial office to draw the graph on computer and incorporate it in the text at an appropriate place.
Check list for Figures:

  • Serially numbered
  • Self explanatory caption given
  • X and Y axes titled (legend)
  • Units mentioned (if necessary)
  • Different symbols/markers for different groups given
  • Approximate position in the text marked


Paper copy: Copies of each manuscript should be sent in soft format to Dr SM Kadri PO BOX # 1143, GPO, Srinagar 190001, Kashmir, India submitted to the Editor in Chief. The copies must be legible. Lack of contrast and faded or/and worn out appearance will lead to rejection.

Electronic copy:
The electronic version of manuscript may be submitted through e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected] or clearly labelled CD (Floppy is not accepted). The figures may be embedded in the Word file or submitted as separate files. If any other software is used the graphic files may be converted to *.pcx, *.tiff, *.jpg format. The diskette must be properly packed in order to prevent damage during postal journey. The authors should use only new diskettes. The diskettes are not returnable.

E-mail: Manuscripts submitted by e-mail should be sent as attached files in MS Word format, Pdf or Rtf format.

Undertaking: The manuscript must be submitted with a statement, signed by all the authors, regarding the originality, authorship and transfer of copy right as per the format given in Annexure I.


  • Cover letter
  • Copyright statement signed by all authors
  • Printed copy of manuscript
  • Labelled CD of manuscript

Reprints: Each author will receive a free copy of the journal issue in which their Article/Research Paper/Book review is published.

Contact Info:

SM Kadri
PO Box 1143
GPO Srinagar 190001
Kashmir, India
tel: 91-194-2463261
fax: 91-194-2463261
Cell: 9419010363
[email protected]
[email protected]

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