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Bulletin of Occupational & Environmental Health

Vol. 1, No. 1 (2004-01 - 2004-06)


Several deaths among workers, attributed to working in confined spaces (sewers), and from fire in the workplace have been reported in India over the last few months, and several more are occuring Indiawide, going unreported in newspapers and public media, while you are reading this. As much as we deplore these deaths, these are nonetheless avoidable. We recognize that a perfectly safe and healthy workplace is like the holy grail of occupational health and hygiene; yet, one that is perhaps not too difficult to get close to. The root of the problem in India and perhaps in other developing nations -- why an optimum level of occupational health and safety is seldom achieved – lies in lack of awareness and concern about safety in our everyday life. Add to that low literacy levels of the groundstaff, and lack of planning from top management. Safety culture in organizations should grow enterprise-wide from within the organization. In this issue, we present three seminal articles and reports on work hazards of confined spaces and fire safety. There is a need to build a safety culture, not only in organizations, but also in the society at large.

Also, from the current issue onwards, we plan to take the bulletin online. Please do send in your feedbacks, and share ideas. Have a safe, healthful, and enjoyable summer.

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