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Journal of the Academy of Hospital Administration

Vol. 16, No. 2 (2004-07 - 2004-12)


  1. Editorial
  2. A Cost Analysis Study of the Operative Services Provided at the Operation Theater Complex at a Tertiary Care Service Hospital
    SS Bhatia*, KK Sharma**, M Dayanada***
  3. Profile of Geriatric in-Patient Admissions
    K. Vijaya*, E. Ravi Kiran**
  4. A study to Ascertain the Misuse/Wastage of Medical Record Forms at a Tertiary Super-Speciality Hospital
    Anupam Chattoraj*, S Satpathy**, R K Sarma***
  5. Analysis of Nursing Work Activities in Relation to Patient Care in Medical Surgical Wards of a Tertiary Level Super Specialty Hospital at Nepal
    RS Mehta*, N Pokharel*
  6. Patient Attitude Towards Payment at Super Specialty Hospital in Hyderabad
    Nimma Satynarayana*, K Padma, G.Vijaya Kumar
  7. Radiolabeled Metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neural Crest Tumors
    Rakesh Kumar*, Shamim Ahmed Shamim**
  8. A Study of The Management Information System Used in the Out-patient Department
    Sweta D'Cunha*, B. Sanjeev Rai**
  9. Hospital Administration Operations in Turkey
    Turkan Oguzhan*, Gurean Bebitglu*, Yusuf Ustu*
  10. A Feasibility Study for Establishing a Day Care Surgical Centre in a Large Teaching Hospital
    M Arun Kumar*, M Dayananda**
  11. Structural Requirements for Infection Control in Hospitals
    S K M Rao
  12. Notes, News and Journal Scan
    Sidhartha Satpathy
  13. Attendance of Doctors in Courts - Supreme Court Ruling
  14. Book Review: Biomedical Waste Management in India
    Dr. Sidhartha Satpathy
  15. Organ Retrieval in Medicolegal Cases
    Dogra T. D., Lalwani S., Vij Aarti, Vyas M., Venugopal P.
  16. Benefits of Membership in the Academy of Hospital Administration (AHA)
  17. Journal Specifications
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