> PKP IN A MICROCORNEA > > A 24 old male having nystagmus, bilateral microcornea and bilateral secondary implants done 15 years ago reported with corneal decompensation in the right eye. There are no records of endothelial cell counts at the time of secondary implantation.He had undergone discission operation at a very young age.. He had been regularly followed for the past 15 years.Endothelial cells had been studied for the past 9 years. The counts were low all the time and finally the cornea decompensated. At no time the iris claw lens was suspected as touching the corneal endothelium. A penetrating graft (size of the donor button:7.0mm) was done along with a small anterior vitrectomy. The earlier lens was explanted and exchanged with a still smaller lens( 5 mm) of the same type.

Steel sutures were used to fix the graft, with the hope that they will not attract blood vessels from the limbus, which is so close. Nylon sutures are in the habit of inviting blood vessels and precipitating graft failure. >

Attached are three pictures: 1.Showing decompensated cornea. 2.Showing IOL in place and anterior vitrectomy being done. 3.Appearance 5 months after surgery. DR.KIRANJIT SINGH

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