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Specialist Ophthalmoscope

Keeler Limited, c/o Baliwalla & Homi PVT. Ltd



614 Jagannath Shankerseth Marg, Dhobi Talao

(22) 2201 4906/2205 4385

(22) 2206 4363

Email Address:
[email protected]


The new Specialist ophthalmoscope from British company Keeler is 50% lighter than pervious models. It also has a slimline lithium battery handle which is perfectly balanced with the head. Keeler optical equipment is available in India through Baliwalla & Homi PVT. Ltd. Contact details are below.

The re-engineered optics provide 30% more illumination, allowing better diagnosis of cloudy media, cataracts and similar conditions. In addition, the Morton Lens Track* system provides the widest dioptre range of any glass polished lens (from +44D to -45D in 1D steps), allowing effective diagnosis in all situations. The enclosed viewing optics are also slimmer, allowing the user to get closer to the patient's eye and giving a wider field of view.

A cobalt blue filter can be used in conjunction with fluorescein dye for detecting and examining corneal scars and abrasions. A pupillometer comparison disk also allows quick and easy estimation of pupil size.

* Allows the user to dial up any lens quickly and easily.

Specialist Ophthalmoscope pic 1

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