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DNA Paternity Test in India

OTS & Services India

Internal Medicine

Healthcare Information System

Banjara Hills
Andhra Pradesh 500003


Email Address:
[email protected]


One Touch Solution and Services is specialist provider of DNA Paternity testing which is most accurate and affordable. For your peace of mind, you can be 100% assured that your DNA test is processed through our internationally accredited DNA testing laboratory.
For the accuracy of DNA test result, all are analyzed with the most advanced genetic identification systems on the basis of 16 Loci ( Genetic Markers).
We help individuals and families in India to prove relationships for many different reasons viz. Peace of Mind, Immigration Purpose, Legal Relationship Test etc. Explore our website, and you will find information about our DNA testing services, or give us a call to know more. We have made DNA testing services more affordable and easily accessible to everyone who needs to resolve paternity concerns in the privacy of their own home (Home Paternity Test). We can help you answer your paternity questions by sending you a confidential home paternity testing kit to your home. You will then simply acquire the DNA for us by swabbing your cheek, thus allowing us to perform the DNA Paternity test, Sibling DNA, DNA Profiling, Preantal Paternity Test & other DNA Testing Services.


* Affordable-complete DNA test, no hidden fees
* Available all over India, Srilanka, Pakistan and Middle East
* Quick turn around time
* DNA is collected pain free and confidentially in your home using a unique DNA collection kit (Swabs)
* Easy, Hassle Free, Convenient & Affordable
* Free Shipping of the collection kit to the client
* Results can be obtained via email, mail, phone or online at no extra charge, you can select all (Fully confidential)

Why we are leading in DNA Paternity Testing!!

1. We use the 16 allele Identifilerâ„¢ Human Identification kit
2. Probability of Paternity will be at least 99.99% for inclusions
3. Probability of Paternity will be 0% for exclusions, all exclusions are run two times
4. Run every sample 2 times to give Most accurate results
5. State-of-the-art equipment and technology for all relationship tests

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