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Artemis-Ultra High Frequency Imaging System for Ophthalmology Practice

Artemis Medical Technologies Inc



7119 130 Street
BC V3w 4j6



Email Address:
[email protected]


 Few Facts about Artemis

1-Artemis uses ultrasound, which is widely recognized as more accurate than optics.
The Artemis is an arc scanner, not a hand-held sector scanner like the Sonomed VuMax.This allows large area precision scans of the anterior segment (cornea and lens).

2-OCT scanners use light, and they cannot see the critical area behind the iris. The
Artemis uses ultrasound, which penetrates the iris and images the peripheral capsule
and the ciliary body behind the IRIS.

3-Optical scanners map the topology of the front and back of the cornea. They
cannot map individual corneal layers, the epithelium and the stroma, which contain
important diagnostic information. Because it uses ultrasound instead of light, the
Artemis sees and maps the corneal layers.

4-Even after optical and pachymetry screening, as many as 4 out of every 1000
LASIK patients develop ectasia (progressive bulging of the cornea) with possible loss ofan eye. Screening with the Artemis ultrasound scanner can significantly reduce the
risk that your LASIK patients will develop this devastating condition. Because it
provides increased safety, an Artemis ultrasound scan will become the standard of care for LASIK and for other corneal refractive procedures.

Finally,  Reduce the risk of ectasia?

 Inaccuracies in the measurement of corneal thickness leading to excessive LASIK
flap thickness are a principal cause of ectasia. The Artemis maps corneal thickness
more accurately than optical scanners like the Orbscan. Failure to detect keratoconus (a tendency for the cornea to be conically shaped rather than spherical) because theepithelium (the outer corneal layer) compensates for and masks it in optical scans isanother principal cause of ectasia. The Artemis maps the corneal epithelium and stroma layers, which optical scanners cannot.

Artemis also  provides an Integrated Patient records system on Windows with direct input of patients data into the system reducing manual entry errors.

Artemis-Ultra High Frequency Imaging System for Ophthalmology Practice pic 1

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