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Ganga Medical Centre and Hospital

Email Address:
[email protected]


313, Mettupalayam Road
Tamil Nadu

91- 422 - 248 5000

91- 422 - 243 6444

Now stands as one of the premier academic and clinical institutions in the specialities of Accident Surgery, Orthopaedics, Plastic and Micro Surgery. The institution was started in 1978 by Dr.J.G.Shanmuganathan & Mrs.Shanmuganathan. The strength of the hospital was 17 beds. With subsequent expansions in bed strength and 'State of the art' facilities, it is now comparable to any western institution. In 1990 the Shanmuganathan Kanakavalli Speciality Centre was started by Dr.S.Raja Sabapathy and Dr.S.Rajasekaran after their return, in honour of their parents. The thrust was on introducing newer and latest techniques in various fields of Accident Surgery, Trauma and Spinal Surgery, the introduction of Microsurgical procedures, Reconstruction of severly injured limbs, replantation of completely amputated parts, advanced skeletal fixation. Reconstructive system, Microsurgery system to establish the hospital as one of the premier institutions of the country. Starting with 786 in-patients and 2686 out patients in 1992, there was a steady growth to 4900 in-patients and 9000 out patients in 1999. Patients are reffered not only from across the length and width of the country but also from the neighbouring countries.The hospital is now firmly established as one of the premier tertiary referral centres in this part of the world. The strongest feature of the hospital has been the proper blend of clinical and academic activities and the steady and planned increase of team members so that the services provided have been all encompassing and uptodate. Apart from being one of the the largest clinical unit, the hospital is well known for it's academic activities. From 1996 it has become a Post-Graduate institution for higher training in Orthopaedic Surgery recognised by the Board of Examination. Every year 4 candidates are selected for higher training in Orthopaedic Surgery. There are also many training fellowships offered in the specialised fields of Trauma, Hand Surgery, Micro Surgery and Hand Surgery. In 1999 Ganga Hosptial also became the first hospital in India to have a 'Hands-on Course' in Microsurgery with a unique exposure of the candidates to clinical problems and 'Hands-on' Lab experience. The hosptial also offers excellent comprehensive courses in Spine, Trauma & Hand Surgery which are very popular and sought after. The Spine Unit is recognised by the National Board of Examination as the first unit for higher training in Spine Surgery. The important feature is also the Physiotherapy of the hospital to provide "Quality Treatment at-affordable cost". Although there is a wide range in the facilities available in the accommodation and rooms - ranging from the very economical general to the Deluxe rooms - the quality of medical care and the surgical expertise is the same for all patients. The hospital also is associated with many social organisations like the Round Tables and Rotary Clubs to provide free treatment to the under privileged. The project 'Helpline' started with Round Table of India to provide free corrective surgery to any child with physical deformity due to any cause - be it birth deformities; post-accident; or developmental deformities like spine deformites. The "Save the Working Hand" Project with Rotary helps to subsidise treatement of severe hand injuries from the industrial accidents. The hospital also pitched in their expertise to the national cause during the Kargil War by offering free treatment to the Armed Force personnel who had multilating injuries which required sophisticated expertise and many have been treated so far.

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