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A Fakir Muhammad




Address (Business):
Aram Bagh Road
Sindh 74200


A graduate in Homoeopathic Medicine from the Pakistan Central Homoeopathic Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan, Dr. Ahmad Fakir Muhammad brings in over 22 years' experience in the application of homeopathic methodology and therapeutics to a wide array of complicated medical problems. He has written on several subjects with main interest remaining focused on presenting homeopathy the way it is and not the way it is being depicted. The development and launching of his website - is a step in that direction. The contents of the website not only reflect his thinking about how homoeopathy should be approached and practiced but also his concern over the growing nihilism in the practice of homoeopathy. Comparing his early writings such as "The Homoeopathic System" and "Defending Homoeopathy" (1991) to his more recent ones such as "Putting Homoeopathic Education On the Right Track" (2001), one finds a common streak - the need to promote homoeopathy along right lines in Pakistan - running through all his writings.

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