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Loss of Libido   Posted By Raz    Date : 18-Jun-10   09:32 PM     Reply

I am a 28 year old, Male, Single, Mild Smoker (5-7 Cigarettes per day). My problem started 2 years ago before that my sexual urge was very normal like anyone else. I have not suffered any injury or any other reason which could cause loss of libido except for 1 thing. 2yrs back I was playing extreme sports in very strong hot / humid conditions ...lost a lot of weight ... etc...without recouping the energy back ...and primary loss of electrolytes etc. Initially i did not notice much but then it started to feel LOSS OF LIBIDO starting in Mid 2007. Now, for the past 1-2 years i have stopped playing high intensity sports and now have a very normal weight but loss of libido persists. I consulted a urologist did a physical examination and recommended some tests including: Testosterone, TSH, T1/T2, FSH/LH etc. After the test results the testosterone was a bit low so doctor recommended me some vitamin supplements and Andorxin tablets. I took the medicine and went back to the doctor he said physical exam suggests things are fine. However, there was not much improvement in my condition. However, i have witnessed a significant erectile dysfunction, lack of urge, slow growth of pubic hair, high blood pressure etc. Moreover, after weeks pass there is no night ejaculation etc. Recently, went through a complete medical check up for office related purposes results were normal sugar, lipid profile, Complete Blood Count etc. Please inform me what course of action i should take and how can i cure this problem. Many Thanks and eagerly awaiting your reply.

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Re : Loss of Libido - Dr.Senthil Kumar.D 24-Jul-10    02:26 AM

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