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Role of Homoeopathy in paralysis resulted from cerebral stroke   Posted By Dr.Rangadhar Satapathy    Date : 28-Oct-05   05:54 AM     Reply

Homoeopathy helps a lot in hemiplegia or qadriplegia cases resulting from cerebral stroke if treated early. 1st line of treatment is to reduce the blood pressure. 2nd is to find out he/she is diabetic or not. 3rd i to take care of the paresis by doing purely miasmatic treatment. My opinion regarding choosing the remedy should be based on kent philosophy. Symptoms should be recored on the point of i)location,ii)sensation,iii)development of symptoms,iv)Modalities,v)concomitants. Start with higher potency as it is a case setient nerve involvement and avoid repetation. Other managment like blood pressure monitering, pulse monitering, plantar reflex watching etc. If the paitent is unable to feed then must be on nasal feeding till he/she geting recover. if diabetes then must suplliment with anti diabetec medicine (allopahy) because it is needed to keep the blood sugar in normal range to avoid further complication. Progression - The progress of treatmen can be judged by the investigation like CT Scan of brain before starting treatment and during treatment and after treatmenrt. if the symptoms are improving and as well as the haematoma size is reducing with our homeopathic treatment then the prognosis is very good. If the symptoms are improving but the haematoma size is not reducing then one antimiasmatic remedy should be suplimentaed for complee cure. So if you have any suggestion and advice then please contact me [email protected] COME AND LETS GO TOGETHER FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE OF HOMOEOPATHY. THANK YOU

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Re : Role of Homoeopathy in paralysis resulted from cerebral stroke - nsgoel 29-Jun-08    02:41 AM

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