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Ovarian cyst   Posted By Pshah    Date : 16-Jul-09   07:14 AM     Reply

I am 21,female & unmarried.I had acne on face & back since 16. It become worse in 2006.Some of them were converted to Keloids on my back.I also had problem of hair growth on chin.Sonography test showed ovariancyst. I was prescribed birth control pill. This reduced the problem when I took medicine for 6 months. But when I discontinued, it reappeared after 3 months. The medicine become ineffective thereafter. I took to homeopathy which reduced the testosterone count over six months.(the doctor probably gave Thuja 200,insulinae 200x & one more medicine whose name I donot know) However the sonography test showed increase in size of cyst in both ovaries. The acnes now also worsened spreading to hands, chest & legs. They are also all over my face now.Let me have your views.

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