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Affected by anal fistula   Posted By Kamalnath    Date : 15-Jan-09   04:53 AM     Reply

Dear sir,

I got your e-mail address from one of the forum. I Have a problem on my butt just above the anal opening and in the middle. It was like a small gland and it got burst now and puss oozing out of it. My Alopathy doctors told me that it is pilonodal sinus and they operated it twice. But in vain it was not cleared and one of my homeopathy doctor near my house said that it is anal fistula. I also have constipation and sometimes the gas which comes through anus comes in tat wound from ehich pus is coming. Also when i was about to go toilet in the morning some of the faecal matter enters the opening it seems. I have a feeling that some voids are being filled before going to toilet. I am very much depressed now because of this, also not able to concentrate on my job. I am a software engineer by profession. Please suggest a permenent cure for this.

Thanks in advance, Kamalnath

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