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Fistula in Ano   Posted By V. K. Saini    Date : 17-Dec-08   05:57 AM     Reply

Name: V.K. Saini Age: 38 yrs sex : male Location : Ghaziabad, (UP), India Problem: Fistula in Ano

Case History: I was having abscess in periurethera region in March 2008. abscess was drained under GA. The wound was healed in 12 days but after a weak time again one or two drop of pus was seen at the same place. Fistula in Ano was detected in fistulogram. Fistulactomy and seton in place was carried out in well known hospital on 19 Jun 08, a large piece was cut. Sits bath and Daily dressing was done using Betadine, along with the antibiotic tablets. Seton was changed after 5 wks time, after weak again abscess was formed in periurethra region when the wound was almost healed. Again fistuactomy and Seton was placed on 28 Sept 08 saying that there is another track found again a large piece was removed. . Sits bath and Daily dressing was done using Betadine along with the antibiotic tablets. 28 Oct 08 Seton was changed. Sits bath and Daily dressing with Betadine was continue and wound was healing slowly. 27 Nov 08 seton was removed because some fluid was coming from the opening. Wound was almost healed but there was a little pain in that region. Doctor opened the wound a little and dressing was stopped and told me to keep the wound clean. The opening was kept on increasing a little more and sometime some drop of fluid was coming out with bad smell and the wound was not healed. The wound scabbing is done on 16 Dec.08. Daily dressing with Betadine is again continue.

Please suggest me what I should do now. is there any better solution in homeopathy V. K. Saini

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