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Unknown disease   Posted By Vijaya Raghavan    Date : 16-Dec-08   12:56 AM     Reply

Dear Sir,

My problem is like this:-

I wake up in the morning around 5.30 A.M. Immediately after wake up from the bed I used to go to latrine to pass the stool. I got relieved. After that I take one cup of coffee or tea. After consuming the coffee / tea then I have the pressure and I have to go latrine again. Then I take bath. After taking bath I used to perform puja for 10  15 minutes and a breakfast before 7.45 am . After that I have to again for passing stool. After coming to work place there also two times I am going to pass stool. This process is continuing upto after noon and after that there is no latrine sensation and some times this continues through out the day. This problem is exists around 10  15 years and I underwent treatment in Ayurveda and Homeopathic but I do not remember what medicine I had. After taking ayurveda and homeopathic it has reduced some extent and now again this problem has started again and due to which I am not at all concentrating in my any other work and this kind of problem exists only during week days and I never felt this problem on holidays. Similarly I am passing urine also frequently. Even in night also I have to pass urine 2  3 times. Suppose if I delay the motion it is very difficult to pass the urine also and resulting severe head ache and feeling very uncomfortable due to formation of gases. Also I am recently underwent angiogram.

If any good doctor who can assist me in getting cured this disease without any side effect can kindly send their recommendation /contact details in my e-mail. I am really thankful for the timely help.



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