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Overactive Bladder   Posted By Sethi    Date : 19-Mar-08   09:31 AM     Reply

I am 66 years old person. I got operated for Prostate about two and half years back. Ever since then I am having this problem of overactive bladder. I am passing urine every 45 minutes to one hour (some time even lesser duration). The problem increases with physical strain. Urine culture is normal. I am not diabetic. I can not retain urine for long there is a sudden and strong urge. At times when my frequency of urine increases I feel totally drained of energy and want to take rest the whole day. My urine flow is normal. I have taken following medicines and have had temporary relief.

Zincum Mat 200, Very good relief for 3-4 months Abies Cand 30. Moderate relief for one week Equisetum 30. Very good relief for 10 days

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