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ptosis & Mytocondrial cytopathi   Posted By lakshminarayana    Date : 13-Feb-08   11:49 AM     Reply

Sir, My name is Lakshminarayana.One year back I was met a eye specialist,he was conducted TENSILON test for me .After that he suggested better to consult a,Neurologist . They(neuorologists) were conducted a muscle biopsy for me. Here i am writing my muscle biopsy report for your guidence. and my main problem is vision confusion .I am not able to see a picture with two eyes.with only one eye I can see the picture which i want to see If I try to see with both eyes I will get confuse and not able to locate the actual distance from the picturet and two different pictures for two eyes will takes place and another problem is my right eye lid is dropping gradually In the early morning it is in some better position.So please give me a better suggetion for my problem. Biopsy report from NIMS-Hyd gross description:

recived muscle biopsy bit measuring 2*1*1 cm.

Diagnosis comments: Muscle biopsy shows maintained fascicular architecture.There is a mild variation in fiber size with few atrophic fibers.The nuclei are subsarcolemmal.there is no evidence of degeneration,necrosis of inflammation.

Enzyme hisochemistery with ATpase PH 9.4 and 4.6 shows checker - board pattern .NADH & SDH shows increae in the oxidative enzyme activity.MGT shows 7% red ragged fibers.


Features are consistent with MYOPATHI WITH RED RAGGED FIBRES. In correlation with Clinical history of Posis,diagnosis of mitochondrial disease is considered.

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