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whole body weakness   Posted By ahmad    Date : 24-Jan-08   09:46 AM     Reply

Doctor, I'm 23 years old male. My problem is weakness of my whole body, especially eyes and leg. i can't stand up for a long time, cannot stand and walk erect, my leg is too weak, difficult when walking and climbing stairs. My back and neck also weak, cannot hold them erect. I feel dizzy, lazy, low spirit and fatigue everytime, as if paralysis. My strength was gone. My eyes is half open and cannot close them relax and clearly, if i close it relax, it will half open automatically, i must strain to close my eyes or close it with something if i want to sleep. I guess this problem happened because i have taking Ginseng coffee and Eurycoma Longifolia coffee to stay awake in the morning for a long time, about 6-8 month everyday and consistent. Now since i stop taking it, i have extreme sleepiness in the morning and difficult to wake up. Please help me doctor. Thank you.

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