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Bed wetting   Posted By Setu Shah    Date : 13-Sep-07   10:30 AM     Reply

Dear Doctor,

My daughter, now 4.5 year, is having bed wetting problem.

I have searched internet for this problem of enuresis to get better understanding. So learning from that I feel that I need to describe the problem with following points.

1. Her usual development process is very normal. 2. This problem is not during the day-time but only in the night. 3. She is having Primary Enuresis. 4. She is very active. She is not having any psychological problem. Her self esteem is very good, doesnt have any stress (Atleast that is what we all feel). 5. We parents did not have bed wetting problem so it doesnt look like genetic. 6. She never takes tea or coffee and rarely takes carbonated drinks. 7. We parents are not giving any liquid intake after dinner but that has not helped so far. 8. She uses toilet before going to bed. 9. She doesnt have any sleep disorder - she never snores. 10.She doesnt have constipation problem. 11.We parents never punishes her for this problem but we keep encoraging her for not wetting the bed.

I would appreciate your help in solving the problem.

Regards, Setu Shah [email protected] [email protected]

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